Ubisoft posts 78% sales surge thanks to the Wii

Some savvy blogger over at Joystiq points out why digging deeper into a sales number can yield surprising results. The number in this case is the 78% surge Ubisoft saw in sales thanks to the Wii.

“I’m betting, however, that Ubisoft can thank the sheer amount of junk games it threw at Wii owners for the spike in sales as other conservative publishers offered little to no games. And though not the case with all of Ubi’s Wii games, a clear majority saw little to no effort during production. I mean, whoever released Far Cry on Wii (read: it was Ubisoft) should be stoned. That game was garbage”

So true, savvy Joystiq blogger. Ubisoft bet on the short term gains and won, but I worry that this approach is the antithesis of what the Wii needs right now. Is Ubisoft’s gain a loss for the Wii overall?