Ubisoft disregardz Nintendo at Ubidays eventz

ubidays.jpgGaming juggernaut Ubisoft held its annual Ubidays press event this Wednesday and Thursday at the Louvre museum in the heart of Paris.

A bit extravagant, eh? But for the most part, the ostentatious Parisian pomp was only the frosting over a delicious presentation from Ubisoft. The publisher revealed a compelling new Prince of Persia title, some interesting new Tom Clancy games and a new Far Cry title from its famous Montreal studio. The show was stolen, as they say, by the announcement of an upcoming sequel to 2003’s critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil.

Unfortunately, unless you own a 360 or a PS3, you can forget about playing those promising games. But don’t despair, Nintendo ownerz; Ubisoft has prepared a lineup of awesome new gamez for you, too!

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking

“Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking echoes the philosophy of Allen Carr’s Easyway method, enabling players to be entertained, challenged and to stop smoking at the same time. Players are actively participating in the game’s content as they input the details of their smoking habits and even select their own Allen Carr’s Easyway coach to take them through the process of quitting.”

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking is being developed by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS with a tentative Nov. 2008 release.

My Secret World by Imagine

“My Secret World by Imagine allows young girls to express themselves in a fully customizable diary. They’ll learn more about their own personality with dozens of fun quizzes, socialize with friends via Wi-Fi, trade customization items, share secrets and play mini-games together.”

My Secret World by Imagine is being developed by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS with a 2008 release date to be determined.

Imagine: Teacher

“Imagine Teacher allows players to become a teacher at a brand new school. Teach your class a variety of subjects and increase your students’ knowledge. Become a successful teacher, recruit new students and develop your school into one of the very best.”

Imagine: Teacher is being developed by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS with a 2008 release date to be determined.

Imagine: Party Babyz

“Party Babyz is a minigame collection based on the popular Babyz game franchise. Instead of feeding, changing and bathing your baby bundles of joy, players act as the babysitter and play games with the kids they’re looking after. Party Babyz is designed to be multiplayer, with four babies competing in each game.”

Imagine: Party Babyz is being developed by Ubisoft for Nintendo Wii with a 2008 release date to be determined.

Dogz 2008

“In Dogz 2008 (working title), players can adopt a dog from 18 different breeds, train their dog to compete in races, dress him or her in more than 100 outfits, and engage their dog in different activities including jump roping and playing catch at the park. A new feature will also allow dogs to travel to other Wii consoles and interact with other dogs.”

Dogz 2008 is being developed by Ubisoft for Nintendo Wii with a tentative Q3 release date.

That isn’t exactly a blockbuster roster for Nintendo systems. But to be fair, as Blake posted Wednesday, Ubisoft is bringing a version of Shaun White Snowboarding to Wii with Balance Board support. According to Ubisoft, developers are creating the game as an entirely different experience from its 360/PS3 counterpart; levels, visuals and controls will all be different on Wii, for better or worse.

But unfortunately, in terms of Ubidays 2008, there isn’t much else to report. What happened to Ubisoft’s promise of games with “Nintendo-like quality” coming to Wii? Your guessez are az good az mine…z.