Blow out the candles with WiiWare’s top five

If someone had penned a list of my finest exploits by my first birthday, the piece would’ve covered infantile handiwork typical of one-year-olds.

Times I made dookie behind the couch might be a favorite for high-ranking inclusion, for example.

That’s not the case with WiiWare. Nintendo’s download service may not be toddling as confidently as similar amenities on other consoles, but it is making greater strides than most one-year-olds.

It’s not pooping behind furniture, at least.

To celebrate little WiiWare’s first birthday, we’ve taken a sentimental browse through the scrapbooks, baby socks and SD cards, and with a teary eye, we’ve chiseled out a list of the best games on the service.

Oh, they grow up so fast!