Top Ten – What’s left for Wii?

nintendofamilyportrait.jpgWith Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Metroid, DK, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Battalion Wars either out or coming down the pipeline for Wii, what Nintendo owned franchises are left? Here’s the top ten list of what’s left for Wii:

10 – Star Tropics
Mike Jones could use a trip on Wii. Adventure gaming can only benefit from point-clicking with the Wii Remote

9 – Golden Sun
The cult hit RPG deserves some respect from Nintendo. Maybe Wii would be a good place for it, if DS wasn’t the place for RPGs.

8 – Earthbound/Mother
Nintendo, just do this one for the fans.

7 – F-Zero
There isn’t a really good racer out there for Wii yet, besides ExciteTruck. Could be the next big Wi-Fi game after Mario Kart mania subsides later next year.

6 – Chibi-Robo
Keep this franchise alive, Nintendo. It’s fun for little kids, but doesn’t dumb itself down for adults. Wii controls can only serve to assist Chibi is his quest to help people.

5 – Star Fox
Tilting the Nunchuk like you did in SSX Blur could be a fun way to steer the ship while aiming and shooting can be done with the Wii Remote.

4 – Pilotwings
A variety of aircraft, jetpacks, maybe parachuting and more, all motion controlled. I miss the days when Mode 7 was around. Maybe Nintendo could tie this one up in a modernized retro style.

3 – Kid Icarus
People want it and Nintendo is teasing us with Pit’s appearance in Smash Bros Brawl. The only question here is how the game will be played.

2 – Kirby
Point at an enemy with the Wii Remote, press A to suck him up, and repeat. Kirby had a racer on Wii, but otherwise got the shaft. His popularity on Virtual Console should prove his worth to Nintendo.

1 – Punch-Out!!
Refine the controls of Wii Boxing and bring back that puzzle-brawler concept of the original. Admit it, you played the original NES version standing up anyway! Online fights with your friends could also be fun.

These are just ten of the multitude of Nintendo franchises that could be tapped into for Wii. What are your favorites?