Top 16 sites to browse on the Nintendo Wii Internet Channel

wiiinternetchannelmenu225.jpgInfendo Forums friend, ejamer, shares this awesome list of sites to browse with the Wii Internet Channel!

The Wii Browser seems to be little more than a short-lived novelty for many people, but there are quite a few websites worth looking at when you’re trying to kill a few minutes.

Here is my personal shortlist of “must-see” websites with your Wii.  Maybe it will help to breathe some new life into the Internet Channel for a few people!

=== News and Forums ===
01. – Read reviews and news about the weekly Wii Virtual Console releases before you download anything.  Automatically detects if you are using the Wii Browser to view the site, and formats the content accordingly… why don’t more websites dedicated to Wii-related news do the same thing?  Before buying retro games, be sure to check out the reviews here first.

02. – No secrets here… it’s just a Wii-specific RSS reader provided by Google.

=== Media and Entertainment ===
03. – Chat online with your friends using MSN, Yahoo, AOL, or GTalk.  A simple portal to the chatting application of your choice.

04. – Excellent music streaming application for Wii.  Use the default radio stations, search for music you like, or login and choose one of your custom-built playlists.  (Some people like WiiHear, but I still prefer FineTune.)

05. – A video browser linked from the StumbleUpon community, this Wii-compatible site has plenty of interesting content (although you have limited control over what you end up watching).

06. – While some people prefer the Wii-friendly formatting you can get from SofaTube or WiiTube, I still say there is nothing like the real deal.

07. – Great site for online cartoons and random humor.

=== Games Worth Playing ===
08. – The Flash games found here are different than most other sites.  Art and sound direction are of much nicer than the typical Flash game, making them a very different experience.  (With Christmas drawing near, I strongly recommend you try the Winterbells game.)

09. – Although there aren’t many Flash games here, they are all designed specifically for the Wii.  Better yet, they support up to 4 people (assuming you have enough Wii remotes).  Very cool!

10. – A wide selection of Flash games, which are either compatible or made specifically for the Wii.

11. – Daily Sudoku puzzles, with a Wii-friendly interface.  Great way to start the morning.

12. – Daily Picross puzzles, with a Wii-friendly interface.  Surprisingly fun, and you can even create and submit your own puzzles.

=== Sound Interesting, But Untried ===
13. – Interested in streaming movies, music, pictures, and other media from your computer to the Wii?  RedKana has the fix you’re looking for.  I haven’t tested it myself, but reports have been positive.

14. – With all these great websites, it’s a pity that we can’t keep a couple of windows open at the same time…  Guess what: now you can!  There are several tabbed browsing options available (such as WiiMinder) but I’m just listing one here.

15. – Educational games, to play with children.

16. – A Wii-compatible MMO that has recently started up.  Although rumored to be quite simple for an MMO, it’s still a great concept.

Web browsing on the Wii will never replace having a full computer, but it does offer a different and interesting experience.  If you have any favorite websites to visit on your Wii, then share them in Comments!