Weigh In – Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Wii version)

Harry Potter for the Wii sounds like a match made in heaven for the unique controls of the console. Your Wii Remote becomes a magic wand. But is the game able to successfully cast a spell on those who play it?

What they got right
Sound: Music and sound effects are extremely faithful to the film. Plugging into a surround sound system for this game can really make for an immersive experience.

Graphics: Really well rendered environments. Never really feels boring or recycled as you move throughout Hogwarts.

Controls: Another strong point of this release. I have a hard time imaging how this game would play on another console without motion controls. Making items float around feels really natural.

Overall: This is a great game for someone who likes to explore and collect. There are over 4,000 things to collect in this game, no exaggeration! Using a Wiimote as a wand is a lot of fun.

What they got wrong
Sound: Characters tend to get a bit naggy, constantly telling you to go here or see that. Otherwise, no complaints.

Graphics: The pre-rendered cut scenes aren’t bad, but the camera angles and character placement of the in-game rendered cut scenes are horrible. The characters have the always lovely uncanny valley look to them, unfortunately.

Controls: Other than the occasional character getting in your way and blocking an exit, the controls are fairly intuitive and engrossing.

Overall: Too much treasure hunting for my taste. Made me want to go back to read the books again rather than play the game.

Have you played Harry Potter on Wii yet? Weigh in on this title in comments!