Weigh In – Thrillville: Off the Rails (Wii)

thrillvilleshot225.jpgBeing a big fan of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series of PC games, I figured that Thrillville: Off The Rails for Wii would be a big hit for me. Nope. The game makes little to no sense. You’re a kid that runs an amusement park, picking your look in a Sims like configuration when you start the game. I assume this would appeal to someone under the age of 13, but then the game includes a bunch of park management options which seem like boring homework. It’s really a mixed message. The minigames that cover the park are nothing short of staggeringly tragic. The first one I played was some strange ExciteBike knock off. Riding a rollercoaster is in no way a thrill, either. Your character can walk around and have terrificly dull conversations with patrons of the park to see how well you’re doing. And that was about all I could stand.

Buy, rent, or avoid? Avoid! There is no redeeming value in Thrillville: Off the Rails for Wii. It wouldn’t even be acceptable as a $20 discount title, let alone full price at $50. Shame on you, LucasArts.

Have you played this or the DS version? Weigh in on it in comments.