Infendo Surveys

Down at the bottom right column of the site, you’ll see a new mini survey (mini is the new big). I’ll be periodically posting different ones if y’all are hip to the idea. If not, I’ll remove it quick like but hopefully it’s unobtrusive and provides a little more useless feedback for Infendo readers.

Survey away!


  1. wow… that really is mini it took me a while to find it since the arrow doesn’t point to the REALLY mini survey i think you should make it a bit less mini

  2. DONKEY KONG should be one of the options.

  3. KEEP IT! i think its great! some people will come every once once in a while just to check the pole

  4. You should be able to see pole results after you vote, without having to hit “vote now”. That way, people can check back after they voted to see waht the results are, without adding another vote and distoting the results.

  5. I love mini surveys. I voted for Zelda too by the way.

  6. /me loves surveys too ! 😀
    I don’t know how flexible blogspot is, but if you could put the survey box above the Ad it’d be far more “visible”….
    Tough it’s a great idea from an advertising standpoint. You have to scroll down and look at the complete Ad everytime you want to look at the survey 😀

  7. Everyone loves Zelda.

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