TMNT: A tale of three reviews

Turtle power has its limits, apparently, but it’s still kicking on the Game Boy. Yes, the Game Boy.

The new TMNT movie-based game tanked on a variety of hand helds this week (3.4 PSP review, the 3.1 DS review), but then Gamespot goes and gives everyone in gaming a migraine with its 8.1 rating for the GBA version. If I could channel Cartman’s Kyle’s mother for a moment: Wha wha whaaaat?

Thing is, as Aeropause notes today, Ubisoft Montreal made all three!

There’s really no concrete reason for this TMNT post today; I’m not trying to point out that reviews are going bonkers (that’s a Wii-specific issue, IMO), nor am I trying to say that the GBA is making some kind of miraculous comeback (it’s not). This is just one of those times where the stars align and a movie-based hand held title scores big, and another great game drops for Nintendo fans out there to buy or rent. Is anyone buyin’, or are we all too shell shocked this morning?