Nintendo news round-up: Two new Pokémon games to catch, 3DS released in Japan, and more

– If Okamiden isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps either Pokémon Black or White can tide you over before the imminent release of the 3DS. Both versions in the fifth iteration of the series will be released to North America on March 6, 2011. And now, with a limited time offer, if you pre-order from Amazon you can receive two special bonuses: a Liberty Pass to obtain the mythical Victini (not available through normal play) and a $10 Amazon promotional credit. Hit the link to check out the offer! (Amazon)

– The 3DS has been officially released today in Japan, going on sale for 25,000 yen ($300 USD). According to NPR, “Nintendo expects to sell 4 million of the 3DS machines through the end of March ’ 1.5 million in Japan and the rest overseas.” Analysts raved that the release of the 3DS heralded the introduction of “the first mass-market 3-D device.” But perhaps most promising of all are the starry-eyed endorsements of the customers themselves. “The images seem to pop out. There is a sense of a world spreading beyond. I can’t wait to play it.” (NPR)

– Sony has cut the price of the PSP from $169.99 to $129.99 — the same price as the Nintendo DS. This price slash has been interpreted by Forbes as a strategic effort to take attention away from the impending release of the $249.99 3DS. Sony has their work cut out for them, as Forbes notes that “Since launching the device in 2005, Sony says it has sold more than 23 million units in North America and 67.8 million worldwide. But the various models of Nintendo DS have far outperformed them, with more than 145 million units sold worldwide.” (Forbes)

– The upcoming risque Wii game “We Dare”, which looks like an awkward electronic version of spin-the-bottle in that it’s another thinly disguised excuse for people to make out under the pretense of playing a game, is being decried by parents as inappropriate, largely in part to the 12+ rating it has apparently received. “No wonder we have problems in society with unsafe sex and under-age sex when kids can get hold of games like this,” said one parent. With all due respect, kids can “get hold of” lots of things they’re not supposed to if you’re not paying attention. The incredibly complex and terrifying solution is probably to just not buy the game for kids that are too young to have their own income. Going out on a limb here. (DailyMail)

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