Tingle Wii-bound?

The rumor section in the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly says that Nintendo will not work on a new Zelda game right away, but instead will give Tingle a shot to star in his own Wii adventure. Supposedly, Nintendo is inspired by the fairy-wannabe’s DS RPG selling well in Japan (it’s sold 87% of its total shipment). Keep in mind EGM’s rumors tend to be fairly hit or miss, so this could be total crap. Given the likelihood that Twilight Princess will mount up massive sales figures, I’d be surprised to see Nintendo put the next Zelda on hold, but perhaps they could simultaneously work on both.

If this is true, I hope Tingle’s Wii game doesn’t use the same realistic graphics as Twilight Princess just as I hope Tingle is absent from Twilight Princess. Tingle is already scary enough without realistic art direction. And heck, we already have these guys above in Twilight Princess.