Infendo Radio – Show 2 Up!

This week, Infendo Radio welcomes resident writer, Rollin. Due to some technical difficulties, we had to go analog on this one despite a new mic. It was as if Rollin and I were calling into the Larry King Live of Nintendo show, only cooler. Listen in for thoughts on Nintendo’s biggest competitor, Infendo Metroid meetup, gaming journalists, and some Revolution updates. As always, feedback is welcomed.

Enjoy the show.

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  1. Regarding the lack of Nintendo support in the media… the lack of attention that games like Paper Mario: TTYD got is just absurd.

  2. Agreed, mark, or the complete lack of any real push for Chibi-Robo by Nintendo.

    R5 isn’t too bad, but a name similar to that of an exploding droid might not be the best idea.

    Loved the technical difficulties audio
    ‘blooper’ at the end.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Apple merged with Nintendo!!!!

  4. I was afraid that my call wouldn’t be played bit at the last second, there it was(though it did cut out a little bit). Still cool.

    Anyways, from a N fanboy perspective I’ve always found the media resting too much on the Xbox and not enough on Nintendo. As I said, though, this is a fanboy point of view and not actual fact.

  5. From a technical standpoint, you guys are doing a great job. It sounds professional and personal – and that you’re having fun doing it.

    Funny that you called Rollin “Rah-lin” in the end there – I kept on doing that with him for a LONG time until I felt like an ass and cleaned up my act. Chalk it up to being a Henry Rollins fan.

    Decent show guys.

  6. Good show. It was nice to hear Rollin’s voice! ^_^

    I think that the gaming media will always be bias to the company that they perceive as the “winner” of the gaming wars. They forget it should always be about good games, period.

    But I guess that is the blessing of having blogs like Infendo where I can get some good information on games and other Nintendo stuff.

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