CNET interviews Reggie Fils-Aime

CNET caught up with Reg-diddy for an interview and here are some notable one-liners:

  • “The buzz for the DS is huge and growing, and the most anticipated handheld titles are on our platform, not on Sony’s.”
  • “The fact is this: On a worldwide basis in the home console area, we are the No. 2 player. Here in the United States, if you look at today, we are the No. 3 player, so I understand where the perception comes from that we are not doing as well in the home console market as we are in the handheld business where we dominate worldwide.”
  • “This industry is about entertainment, and in the end, he with the best games wins.”

Not much new, but follow the link for the full interview goodness.

[Source: CNET]


  1. My favorite quote out of the article:

    “ December, we sold more GameCubes in the United States than Microsoft sold 360s..”

  2. Such great responses. Reggie is well spoken and only gives away what has been stated. To be released in 2006, Less than $300, ext.

    The more I think about it, Sony shot up high with PS1 and even higher with ps2. Nintendo did the same with Nes and Super Nes. Sega had its geneses. Microsoft had it Xbox.

    Sony goes up against Nintendo in the handheld market with superior technology and falls short similar to Sega’s Game Gear.

    I don’t think that the 360 is the Sega Saturn of Microsoft but I think that PS3 will be Sony’s N64. It will have some good games, but not all the inovation of the N64 (rumble, analog, ext). I think that a shadow is casting over Sony. I have seen dozens of peoples PS2’s stop working for no reason, and PoSP and it Useless Media Device technology (UMD) is a foreshadowing of bad things to come.

    Now that I have gone totally off subject and gave my forecast I really enjoyed this article.

  3. I have the One sure descision each company should make to win in each system:

    Nintendo Ds: Update Design
    PSP: blank umds
    PS3: Low Price around $250
    XBOX360: Free Xbox Live Platinum
    Revolution: Free or Bonus Old Games when you buy a new release.

  4. of all those, which is most possible?

    – free xbox live platium will never happen
    – the ps3 wont cost under $300 for at least the next two years
    – with blank umds you need umd burners, so that wont be successful at all
    – free or bonus old games have already been hinted at in nintendo’s virtual console survey, so i think that will happen (i.e. when you buy mario revolution, you get super mario bros 1 or something like that)

  5. rumors say that Blu Ray dvd players will cost $700 during the holidays. Wouldnt the PS3 have to be close to that?

  6. “I have the One sure descision each company should make to win in each system:

    PSP: blank umds”
    Nah! Surely more battery life!

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