This 8-bit chiptune organ is rad

More tunage here.

4 Responses to This 8-bit chiptune organ is rad

  1. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

  2. Mattiac says:

    Imponerande! Imponerande att han byggde det instrumentet och är sÃ¥ duktig pÃ¥ att spela, och att han är en gift nörd. 🙂 Han är svensk som mig. 🙂 Kraften är stark med honom.

    Impressive! Impressive that he built that instrument and is so good at playing it, and that he is a married geek! 🙂 He is Swedish like me. 🙂 The Force is strong with him.

  3. llaffer says:

    What? No Zelda? 🙂 lol

    I liked that video. My daughter thought he faked it, but I told her, “No, this is real.” It’s at least good to see her thinking about what she’s seeing and not just assuming it’s legit.

  4. Mattiac says:

    @llaffer: 🙁 She can’t be thinking about it that hard since she thought it was fake. 🙁 Doesn’t she know there are talented people?! The creator of the instrument would’ve been offended if he read her thoughts!

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