Nintentunes is back! Let’s start with the Rare classic Battletoads

Back in the day, I had an Infendo series of sorts dubbed Nintentunes, where games were featured that had excellent music. Well let’s oil up the gears on the old Infendo company blog generator and see what pops out. This weeks featured game is Battletoads for NES, the Rare classic…well maybe classic is too strong a term. I mean it controlled well enough, it was just so brutal! [youtube]...

NES chiptunes parody of Cee-lo makes me smile

[youtube]![/youtube] Ain’t that some shhhhhh? (wink, wink). Thanks for sending this in, Craig.

This 8-bit chiptune organ is rad

[youtube][/youtube] More tunage here.

Enter the void, Bit.Trip.Void is Coming

The WiiWare Bit.Trip series is one of the few truly unique games that everyone should at least try once, and now that there is almost three different Bit.Trip games on the Wii you have a selection. Gaijin the makers of Bit.Trip are pumping out titles faster than you can say “chiptune songs are awesome.” and are almost done with Void, which will be playable at PAX09. If that wasn’...

This 8-Bit Trip is Awesome

“1500 hours of moving legobricks and taking photos of them.” Also… a dab of After Effects.

Awesome of the day: 8-bit Weezer

Ever heard of Chiptunes? No? Well here’s your crash course – Chiptunes are musical compositions that use classic game console soundchips instead of traditional synthesizers – in short, people hacking old consoles to make music.  Every now and then something awesome comes along that just begs to be shared, and this is one of them: Pterodactyl Squad’s “Weezer – t...