Enter the void, Bit.Trip.Void is Coming


The WiiWare Bit.Trip series is one of the few truly unique games that everyone should at least try once, and now that there is almost three different Bit.Trip games on the Wii you have a selection. Gaijin the makers of Bit.Trip are pumping out titles faster than you can say “chiptune songs are awesome.” and are almost done with Void, which will be playable at PAX09.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, according to 4 Color Rebellion the game will be included features that players have been begging for…

Gaijin says [Bit.Trip.Void the] third chapter in the series is bringing 4 player local co-op, nunchuck & classic controller support, the mid-level checkpoints some have begged for, and guest star Nullsleep.

To be honest, I’d like to know your thoughts on this series Infendo? Have you Bit.Tripped?

You can view the trailer for Bit.Trip.Void after the jump.

4 Responses to Enter the void, Bit.Trip.Void is Coming

  1. David says:

    I played the first two and they’re a lot of fun. Very well done, but SUPER hard. If you like hard, old school games, get them.

  2. Guy Fawkes says:


  3. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    BIT.TRIP – VOID huh?

    To me, THE MOST WEIRDEST game out of the whole BIT.TRIP series.
    Even if it is BIT.TRIP 3.

    Now note: I do have both BEAT & CORE. BEAT is rather fun and easy for me while CORE rattles me a bit quite often. Now CORE is the hardest one I played yet, but it’s still fun. 😉 As for VOID, I kind of don’t get the idea of this new one. Do you have to hit all the waves of black dots and not whites, or vice-a-versa or both color dots. I hope this game is released for WiiWare near the end of 2009. Nintendo in their mind needed this. Now,…. where’s my Super Mario Land 4 DSiWare or WiiWare game, lol. :p

  4. likeer says:

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