There are gobs of promising Wii games coming

Nintendo PowerThe recent July issue of Nintendo Power is the best issue I’ve read since first resubscribing a year ago. The thing is packed to the gills with promising Wii games and pretty much kills the conventional wisdom that Wii is only good for party-games. Granted, announcements and previews do not a great final game make, but I’m giddy at the prospects of all the games profiled.

Says Managing Editor Scott Pelland before unleashing a slew of titles, “Nintendo’s vision of active player interaction goes far beyond realistic bowling and wacky cow games.” And he’s right, assuming developers can deliver on all the encouraging games mentioned in the mag. Let’s run down the ones that piqued my interests, shall we?

  • Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Wii/DS) coming this fall. It features an all new campaign mode not to mention both original versions of Retro Evolved like on Xbox Live.
  • Dewy’s Adventure (Wii). From the maker’s of Elebits (awesome game) comes an action-adventure title that looks cute (did I just say that) and fun. Coming fall this year.
  • Harry Potter (Wii). Okay, this may be a stretch, but the reason it caught my eye is that its heavy on wandage, and EA is making it. Yes, EA has been delivering the gameplay goods in my book, so this title could be worth your time. Probably not a must by, but a fun little title none-the-less me thinks. Coming next month.
  • Resident Evils: Umbrella Chronicles and RE4 (Wii). This month’s cover story only has good things to say about the two new REs hitting Wii this year. Chronicles this fall, and RE4 next month. Despite the former being an on-rails shooter, you’ll still be able to move the camera around using the analog stick and team NP ranked the game high on the fun-o-meter. Same goes for RE4 Wii.
  • Mario Party 8 (Wii). Nintendo Power only gives the game a 7.5/10, but say it’s yet another great party game for the platform. Personally, I think I’m done with party games at the moment, but I’ll definitely rent this mug. Coming next month.
  • Madden NFL 08 (Wii). Hitting Wii in August, Madden on Wii will feature ALL online content as its more powerful comrade consoles. That’s right, NP says EA is dumping everything in this version with still more attention on the motion-controls. Having loved last year’s Madden on Wii, I think I’m starting to become a fan again, and it’s looking like this version could be the one to have for all Madden fans; motion controls, online, the works. Good stuff.
  • Mario Strikers (Wii). The first online game coming next month. I’ve said it before and NP echoes the same; the game looks to be a riot.
  • The Bigs (Wii). Ever since first playing Wii Sports Baseball, I’ve been itching for a full on game. This could be it. Like Madden above, it sounds like 2K is putting in a lot of effort to give the Wii version its rightful cachet. You’ll run the bases by shaking the Wii remote and nunchuk alternately in a drumming motion, then flick them both down at the same time to slide all while using the analog stick for direction (same for fielding too). Sounds like a really fun and smart implementation of motion-controls. Coming next-month.
  • Legends of the Indy 500 (Wii). I don’t know how this could be more fun than my beloved Excite Truck, but NP lauded the graphics. Indeed, this was one of the prettiest titles showcased in the mag and it’s coming this fall as well.
  • Fifa Soccer 08 (Wii). If there was one genre I thought wouldn’t benefit from motion-controls, it was simulation soccer. What could developers really do; ask you to tape nunchuks and Wiimotes to your feet? But again EA seems like they could prove me wrong using nunchuk and wiimote jukes for tackling, getting past defenders, lobbing the ball, passing it, etc. Sounds fun and is also coming this fall.
  • No More Heroes (Wii). Action-adventure game from the creator of Killer 7. Coming to Wii this fall.

Yeah–Wii should be just fine when it comes to meeting the demands of core gamers. Honorable mentions include: Pheonix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (DS) coming this fall; Jam Sessions (DS) this fall (download track here); and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon which NP says works well and feels fresh. They gave the game a 8/10. Oh and Transformers on Wii looks amazing… Like 360 good (almost).