Defend Your Castle coming to WiiWare

dycflash.jpgCanadian Flash games developer XGen Studios launched an official Web site today for the upcoming WiiWare version of its classic Flash game, Defend Your Castle.

Given XGen’s latest juicy details, worries that the game will be a generic port of the Flash version should be alleviated. As confirmed in the April issue of NGamer Magazine, Defend Your Castle has received a dramatic makeover, in both visuals and gameplay, for the move to Wii.

According to N-Europe, “the graphics now have more style, colour and life to them, as if they were drawn by a three-year-old hyped up on sugar with unlimited supplies of Crayola,” evidenced below.


The Wii version also boasts these enhancements:

– Four player cooperative gameplay.
– Compete for “kingship.” Dominate others to manage the Kingdom.
– Completely new visuals and animations.
– Enhanced physics and particle effects.
– Repel even faster and more massive waves of invaders.
– Not a port of the original.
– Recreated from the ground up to utilize the Wii and Wii remote.
– Unlimited levels. Grow the strength of your Kingdom indefinitely.

Defend Your Castle storms WiiWare on May 12 for a paltry 500 Wii Points. In the meantime, check out the original Flash game to hone those stick-figure disfiguring, castle defending skills.