“The Wii is officially a monster”

Wii MonsterN’Gai Croal’s Monday Morning Quarterback email conversations are always enlightening, so it was with some chagrin that I noticed they had not been filtering into the Infendo mailbox for the past three months.

Today, however, we get a megaton update that covers basically every base in the video game industry notebook. As is to be expected of me, I gravitated towards the paragraphs that prominently featured Nintendo news, opinion and criticism.

Highlights: 400,000+ Wii’s sold in July… Wii accessory purchased bely the console’s success… DS continues to sell… Sell yes, but it’s top 10 list is lacking original IP… inept 3rd party players could stifle the Wii’s growth… or could they? Maybe at first, but then they’ll just go away… the list of achievements and areas of improvement goes on and on.

The biggest thing to come out of the discussion, I think, is how precarious the waters are right now for 3rd party developers. Either they “get” the Wii soon, or they get left behind. The numbers this system is putting up month after month are too large now to simply ignore or throw schlock against the wall to see what fits (EA’s Family Controls are *barely* a start).

I encourage you all to read the entire post, as it’s not all Wii love and 3rd party angst. Hell, you might even learn something. A rarity for this Internet thing in this day and age.