The Fantasy E3 Nintendo press conference that could have been…

So apparently some people thought the Nintendo E3 press conference blew chunks. There were games worthy of being played by core gamers coming out for Nintendo systems this year, that’s undeniable, but for some reason Nintendo chose not to feature a majority of them during its time on center stage.

In that vein, Wired took a crack, It’s A Wonderful Life-style, at creating the E3 Nintendo presser that could have been. It’s a distinctly un-Shaun White affair, with plenty of shout-outs to games we mentioned here on Infendo during E3, like MadWorld and Pikmin 3, as well as trailers for games that did not show up at all (Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus).

My own Fantasy E3 Nintendo presser would have included some online stuff: “We said WiiWare would redefine console gaming and indie development before, and we’re not going to completely blow it off at E3 and not say anything about it! Here are 12 classic games we’re giving proper 8-bit and 16-bit sequels to, and here’s a release schedule for WiiWare and the Virtual Console for the rest of the year! Oh, look, it’s Mother 3!”

That’s just a start. Judging from the comments last week, you probably have some fantasy E3 announcements of your own. What “should have” been included? How would Reggie and company have worded it? That’s the key to these comments. Keeping it funny. Humor trumps negativity any day of the week.