Ten things you might not know about Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros.

Most Infendo faithful probably already knew these fun facts about Super Mario Bros., but just in case…


  1. Ha, I’ve got one for one of the commenters on the linked article.

    They’re TURTLES not DUCKS! They have SHELLS for Pete’s sake!

  2. I never knew there was a different minus world in the Japanese version. It looks like we got ripped off in the states. The Japanese one has actual playable levels, 3 of them. And once you finish all 3, it takes you back to the title screen. If Wikipedia is to be believed.

  3. I’ve gotten into the minus world on a US version of SMB. It’s not 3 levels. It’s one. Its a water level and you can’t get out. I have no idea about a Japanese version.

    My question about Mario is this, and maybe some can help me?

    Why/when did Marios outfit change from the red/orange and brown of SMB to the Red and Blue with White gloves we have today?

    As I child I played SMB and he was red and brown, but all the cartoons, even at that time I think had him in red and blue with white gloves.

  4. The U.S. version of SMB 2 had Mario in blue overalls with a red shirt. The box art had the colors reversed and put white gloves on him. That is the earliest reference I could find to the cartoonish Mario you mentioned.

  5. Interesting, thanks for that !

  6. Love these facts!!! form now on, Friday the 13th is my lucky day!!!

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