YouTube Tuesday

Youtube IGN Tuesday – What if… Tatsunoko Vs Capcom was a classic Arcade Shooter?

Oh wait! It might just be built into the game! Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars will be featuring what I will be calling the first “Medi” game, a medium sized game featured in a bigger game. This TvC: Ultimate All-Shooters is a classic 2D shoot-em-up in the style of past Capcom classics such as “Legendary Wings” and “Commando.” The game takes place on the...

Youtube Tuesday – Mario Pencil Beat

This is for the guys who couldn’t see anything from Hulu. [Thanks for the Tip Ki]

Youtube Tuesday – Mario Teaches Typing??

Rumors, and Leaks are always subject to question when they first hit the net. Yet, for some reason, judging from recent Nintendo releases… I can see them trying to release Mario Teaches Typing again. What do you guys think, real or fake?

Youtube Tuesday – Last Window Trailer That’s right it’s a Trailer for a Game that might not be Released

Hotel Dusk is one of those few games that no one really played on the DS when it was first released; but it had an amazing story and a very simplistic yet mood setting art style that could have easily made it one of the best games on the Nintendo DS. If you haven’t played it before it was basically like a detective drama, film noir style, adventure game on the DS. Where you actions also affe...

Youtube College Tuesday – The God of Tetris!!

Has the God of Tetris ever forsaken you?

Youtube Tuesday – Don’t Stop Me Now, Mario

I always love these automatic Mario videos.

Youtube Tuesday – Gaming Historian The History of Super Mario Bros. 2

Do you guys consider Super Mario Bros. 2 a real Mario game? Or do you consider it something else altogether?

Youtube Tuesday – Games you wish were on a Nintendo Console

I have been following this title since it was originally announced way back in the day. It has been compared to various Nintendo games and have even been under scrutiny how close it resembles some of them. While I wish that this game could be released on the Wii, it seems the only option is the PS3 due the sheer amount of processing power the game needs to operate. However, I was sure that this ti...

Youtube Tuesday – How Miyamoto Draws Mario

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of some of Nintendo’s most enduring video games, demonstrates how to draw Mario. I have to say that was pretty slick with the rim of the hat.

Youtube Tuesday – Follow Me

What we got here is a Swedish music video featuring all types of classic video game references, mainly that of Capcom and Nintendo. You can see the video which contains some explicit lyrics after the jump.

YouTube Tuesday – The Mushroom Massacre

The following is a video for a game modification. While the game wasn’t published on a Nintendo console or hand held system, the modification makes it worthy to be posted. Hit the jump to check it out.