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Do you guys consider Super Mario Bros. 2 a real Mario game? Or do you consider it something else altogether?

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  1. How many times do I have to tell you Will, Super Mario USA counts. Shyguys and Bomb’oms graduated to Super Mario World and beyond.

    Besides, it was designed by Shiggy, and if he decides it’s Mario, than it’s Mario.

    I also like the idea that old NES #2 games break the mold. SMB2 and Adventure of Link. Booya.

  2. I love Super Mario 2. It’s the first game that I can remember that you could pick 4 different characters and each character behaved slightly different. Plus, a lot of the game mechanics did in fact get adapted into other Mario games later on.

    Who’s with me when I say that Mario 2 is a definitive Mario game?

  3. First of all, there’s no real debate about whether or not Mario 2 is actually part of the Mario pantheon. It is. The view that it’s not is absurd.

    The most obvious argument, it’s a legitimate Nintendo released platformer, and Mario, Luigi, and company are who you control. So it’s adapted from another game. So what?

    Nintendo made it. It’s a platformer. Mario’s in it. If you don’t think it’s a real Mario game …too bad. By the first premise alone, you lose. Also, as already stated, several characters from Mario 2 have been mainstays in the series since. Perhaps it’s the ultimate retcon on part of Miyamoto, but that’s just the way it is.

    Besides, here’s a key question for me, was Mario 2 fun? Personally, I loved it. I played it so much in fact that I once beat the game without losing a life. That’s back in the day with the actual NES cart (when I was about 10 or 11 years old). No ROM hack garbage, and with no warps to boot.

    If Mario 2 had been adapted from Deadly Towers I’d understand the consternation some people have for this game. However, considering how the game actually plays, I just don’t understand the hate.

    So for all you haters who’d like to deny Mario 2’s place in the Mario pantheon, the next time you play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and you pick up a Bob-Omb …that’s like a little piece of Mario 2 giving you a vulgar gesture I can’t directly reference due to the comment rules of this website.

  4. Yah it’s a real mario game. And to the guy that says NES number 2 games break the mold: Don’t forget Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest. That helped lay the groundwork for the modern side scrolling Castlevania Series.

  5. Super Mario Bros. 2 is really really different from other mario games… that’s what i like about it.

  6. why all so complcated ?

    If it has Mario as a main character, it’s a Mario game…regardless of how it was made.

    Is Donkey Kong a Mario game ?

  7. I suppose the fact that it was DOKI DOKI PANIC first and only released as Mario with graphical changes could deem it to not be a proper Mario game.

    However, it is harder than SMB but almost on par with SMB3. As said above, it introduced some parts of that have become part of the franchise.

    In my opninion it’s always been a bit of a side track game but fun nontheless.

    Why can’t they make good games like this for the DS? or Higher Def remakes of some classic originals?

  8. I’ve always thought of it a real Mario game, and even after I found out about it just being Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters, never thought of it less. I mean afterall, we got some of our most common Mario enemies from Mario 2!

  9. i liked part 2 almost as much as part 3 and it does count even if it’s different. that’s like saying the adventures of link doesn’t count because you figth in a side scroller fashion and can jump on command. many afternoons were spent trying to beat part smb2 i only wish that more characters made it out alive. like one of the bosses was a mouse that threw bombs. was he ever in anything else?

  10. Methinks youtube video makers should not put 1:00 long intro’s on their videos.

    Mario 2 is weird, but from this American’s perspective it fits just fine.

    Zelda 2, on the other hand, UUUGGGHHH.

  11. NO way man, Zelda 2 is awesome.