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Wii U system update finally adds folders

An update that I feel is long overdue for the Wii U is now available. It adds the ability to create folders on the home screen, where you can store the games and apps downloaded to your system. This is

Update – Miiverse update coming this week?

Update – The 3DS Miiverse system update is now live. A tweet from a Nintendo Force writer has surfaced claiming that a scheduled maintenance day for the 3DS could be coming as early as today. Early last November, Nintendo had


Have you been anxious to download the newest Wii U updates?  Curious to what is actually included in the download?  Check out Nintendo’s Press Release below for details! 26th April, 2013 – The next major system update for Nintendo’s Wii

How would you change the Wii U?

Patches. Updates. Firmware. All of these words are usually met with disdain for gamers, as usually they go hand in hand with lengthy downloads and/or broken features that need fixing. With the latest Nintendo Direct, we learned that the Wii

Nintendo 3DS update available right now, includes 3D video recording

Give Mario Kart 7 a rest for awhile folks and start up your 3DS system update if you have a hankering for shooting some 3D video or stop-motion photography. Nintendo has just let loose a new 3DS system update, and

Having problems doing a system update on your 3DS? Here’s the solution!

“An error has occurred. Unable to update. The system will now be restarted.” This message keeps popping up on my 3DS, despite getting a message on Sunday saying a system update, including an OK Go 3D video, is now available.