Update – Miiverse update coming this week?

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Update – The 3DS Miiverse system update is now live.

A tweet from a Nintendo Force writer has surfaced claiming that a scheduled maintenance day for the 3DS could be coming as early as today. Early last November, Nintendo had announced that the Miiverse and unified eShop accounts would be a part of the update to the Nintendo 3DS. However, as more information trickled in, it was later revealed that the 3DS’ friend codes would still be in place as opposed to a unified system account.

Still, this tweet from the writer seems to point to something of a surprise might be in store for 3DS owners. What could it be? Possibly unified accounts may still be play, but many will soon find out once or if the update is implemented this week.

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  1. mCase says:

    Makes sense to me. Nintendo did say that the 3DS Miiverse update woudl be coming this month sometime. Looking forward to this. 🙂 I love Miivese on Wii U being able to post comments on games and help others out in a pinch, asssuming it works the same for 3 DS.

  2. DevinShadowV says:

    They did make there promises guess got to wait until tonight.

  3. Lord Lemmy says:

    Yesterday, when I was at work (I work at Best Buy) I saw a Nintendo rep restocking the Nintendo games. I talked to him a bit, and he told me about the update and what’s included. Sure it was the same day, but it was still before the update went live.

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