Star Fox

Analyst puts his E3 chips on Fox McCloud

It’s easy in poker. Just watch his eyes and call his bluff. There’s a problem when trying that with Michael Pachter, though. His eyes glow with unwavering confidence and intensity 24 hours a day. A gaming analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, Pachter spoke Friday with GameSpot about what to expect from the “big three” gaming companies at this year’s E3, Nintendo inc...

Unreleased Games: Star Fox 2 (SNES)

Every once in a while a great game series has a game announced, and somehow it ends up canceled. This generally happens once in a blue moon with a popular franchise. The reason it happens could be because of many things, company restructure, new hardware is being released, or even a contract expires. Of the many Nintendo franchises that had a game canceled, Star Fox happened to be one of those rar...

Classic Commercials – Star Fox: Assault

One of Nintendo’s last high production value commercials before the casual marketing tactic took over. It’s not too bad, eh?

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