Analyst puts his E3 chips on Fox McCloud

It’s easy in poker. Just watch his eyes and call his bluff.

There’s a problem when trying that with Michael Pachter, though. His eyes glow with unwavering confidence and intensity 24 hours a day.

A gaming analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, Pachter spoke Friday with GameSpot about what to expect from the “big three” gaming companies at this year’s E3, Nintendo included.

He cracked his neck, glanced at his cards and, with his stone face and cool hand, threw his chips on, of all things, a Star Fox resurrection.

But Pachter’s words are less a prediction than a postulation. After a casual-focused showing at last year’s E3 prompted fury from fans and an apology soon afterward from company president Satoru Iwata, the analyst believes Nintendo is faced this year with an obvious need to appease the hardcore audience, preferably with its strongest IP.

“Last year, they focused on Wii Music, and this year, they have to focus on the hardcore,” says Pachter. “It’s been three years since the last Zelda and two years since Mario, so they have a lot to work with.”

Of course, sales data suggests Nintendo doesn’t “have to” do anything at E3 other than stay the course—despite a vocal post-E3 uproar, the Kyoto-based juggernaut had another record-breaking year at retail.

Yet Pachter echoes a sentiment widespread among dedicated gamers, and he thinks Nintendo can perhaps address it by reaching backward.

Or, more fittingly, upward.

“Maybe something from the distant past, like Starfox or GoldenEye,” he suggests. “Who knows? E3 is the right venue for them to cater to the hardcore, as the entire hardcore fan base is paying attention.”

In only a few more weeks, we’ll know if Fox is back inside the cockpit. This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held June 1-4.


  1. shooting in the dark will put your eye out. He has no idea….

  2. No, dude, you’re wrong! I CALLED IT!!! YOU OWE ME $10,000,000.00!!!!

  3. I’m a huge Nintendo fan but Star Fox is right up there with Kirby and Punch Out as Nintendo franchises that don’t do much for me.

  4. Star Fox hasn’t been great since its Nintendo64 iteration. I’d hate to think that Nintendo would expect a lot of excitement from that, but stranger things have happened.

    I guess what I’m saying, though, is I hope they don’t focus on Star Fox.

  5. I love starfox, a new one would be awesome.
    The SNES game was awesome, N64, even better. Starfox Adventures – may not have been like the other 2 but as a big fan of zelda i loved it. Assault is the worst starfox game to me, it seems a lot like warhawk on PS3 but since I played warhawk before it, assault just fails for me. Command was an excellent game, finished it many times to get the different stories, played many an online match on it too.

    I’d love to see another adventure game (even though nobody else will agree) online dogfights on wii though sound too good to pass on.

  6. @ Jamie:

    “…online dogfights on wii though sounds too good to pass on.”

    I think I’m drooling a little.

    @ ninjaluke84:

    THEN YOU SUCK. (Don’t kill me.)

    These franchises desperately need something new:

    Kid Icarus

    Kid Icarus because it would be good for some people. The rest because they haven’t been made yet.

  7. Why do people still give this clown screen time? How wrong can somebody BE in an analyst job before they get fired?

  8. @Jeff: Indeed…Who is Michael blowing to KEEP his job?! He must be one of the leaders of the Terry Garvin School of Self Defense.

    I mean; Sideshow Pii Wii quoted GOLDENEYE as a game Nintendo is going to bring out of the cobwebs at E3. This guy doesn’t even know who owns what trademarks and copyrights for crying out loud. Goldeneye is based on James Bond 007 which Nintendo doesn’t even own anymore. Rare developed it and they are still with Microsoft; but they still have to jump through hoops with Activision since they own the video game rights with the creators of the James Bond movies. Even Sideshow Pii Wii can take the time to Google on the web for these things; and he SCREWS this up?!

    How stupid does someone have to be to make THAT mistake? And again; who did Pachter blow to KEEP his job?

  9. I’d welcome a new Star Fox as long as they take the gamplay closer to its roots. Adn heck, maybe even do an origin story allowing you to play as Fox McCloud’s dad.

    Hey…it could happen.

  10. I hate modern star fox games. There, I said it.

  11. I do want another Star Fox game, just keep it to its original roots.
    @Gregory Weagle – you got to the technicalities before I did, good job.

    Now my only question remains – is this reviewer/analyist Respected?
    Does he really know what he’s talking about?

  12. F-Zero.

    Captain Falcon.

    It’s on.

  13. The first two Star Fox games are classics, Adventures was a disappointment (if I want to play a Zelda game, I’d play Zelda, not Star Fox), Assault sucked, Command was good, but not great. I really hope they return to their roots, and expand on it, making an absolutely phenomenal Star Fox game. Include the multiplayer mode from Star Fox 64, except expand and improve it. Like a couple people already said, can you imagine dogfights on wii? Can you?

    I just hope Nintendo doesn’t make it too… cute. They seem to be getting cuter and cuter… It shouldn’t be hardcore blood and violence or anything, but it shouldn’t be overly cheesy either.

  14. Star Fox would be cool…..but only if it’s totally true to its roots like Punch-Out……now that’s the kind of update it needs! No new-fangled, running around out of the ship, light RPG bull sh*t. Just balls-to-the-wall, no holds barred old-school shooter….





    My anger is indescribable.

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