Unreleased Games: Star Fox 2 (SNES)


Every once in a while a great game series has a game announced, and somehow it ends up canceled. This generally happens once in a blue moon with a popular franchise. The reason it happens could be because of many things, company restructure, new hardware is being released, or even a contract expires. Of the many Nintendo franchises that had a game canceled, Star Fox happened to be one of those rare cancellations due to hardware being released.

As most people know Star Fox 2 was a game that was almost complete when it was canceled. The story mode was almost entirely done, and various other modes such as versus mode was being worked on. The game was canceled due to the impending release of the Nintendo 64, because of this Nintendo decided that it would be better to release the game in full 3D and gave the game an up port. Taking various elements from Star Fox 2 and putting it into Star Fox 64.

Just like the original game for the Super Nintendo, Star Fox 2 is set in the fictional Lylat system. A milky way filled with various planets and asteroid fields. The goal of Star Fox 2 is to protect Corneria from the evil hands of Andross. With Andross still bitter over his loss to the Star Fox team in the previous installment; he has taken the time to prepare an armada to take Corneria by force. He even hired a team of mercenaries to take out Star Fox and his group, Star Wolf, this is starting to sound very familiar already is it not?


However, the one great change to the game was removed from the series until the release of Star Fox Command for the DS. Star Fox 2 was the first game in the series to feature a strategic real time map. You were also able to fly all over the Lylat system and choose which planets you wanted to go to, instead of being stuck on restricted by routes. Since everything was happening in real time, you really had to plan out when you would try to liberate a planet or destroy a starship. You had to make sure that there was no missile or group of enemies near Corneria. This was to make sure that Corneria was safe from any threat that could damage it while you were busy with your mission. The second change to note was that the Arwings could transform into a bipedal tank that resembled something out of Star Wars.

If you are looking to play Star Fox 2, it is still possible thanks to the efforts of ROM dumpers and various coders. Most cartridge based games that were incomplete are still accessible due to beta cartridges slipping through the companies hands into the hands of ROM dumpers and fans. Just like Earthbound for the NES, Star Fox 2 ended up being translated and patched to an almost complete game, which is almost fully playable and enjoyable.

With that I leave you with a video of game play for Star Fox 2. If the game was released, I believe it would have been heralded as one of the best games during the end of the consoles life.

There are many canceled games out there that never will see the light of day, out of all of them is there any you wish would of actually been released?

Original video replaced due to the owner disabling embedding.

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  1. Do canceled parts of games count? If so, I think nintendo could have done better with Stop N Swop. There’s a pic floating around on the internet that has it set up like the Sega Genesis’s Sonic 3 and Nuckles combo. Putting the BK Cartridge on top of BT.

  2. There was supposed to be a Kirby game for the GC (not Air Ride) but it never materialized. And I’m pretty sure Nintendo axed the F-Zero franchise.

  3. earthbound sequel for the n64 disc drive shitty thing that never came out here.

  4. @ Nathan

    I pray that you’re wrong about F-Zero. That was one of the better racing games on the Cube.

    As for the question, I have a few stopped games I’d have liked to play. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. (Wii) and Chrono Resurrection (PC?). Can’t think of any others though.

  5. @nathan and HyperPhazon

    I’m very worried about F-Zero. Nintendo hasn’t announced anything for portables or handhelds for a very long time. The last game released was F-Zero: Climax in 2004 and that was a Japan exclusive. Making this Nintendo’s only big name game not to get any recognition this generation outside of smash bros.

    Anyways, about SF2. I’m glad it got axed. It was trying to ruin the fun and enjoyoment of a rail shooter and ultimately led to the abomination that was StarFox:Command (at least in my opinion). I liked SF and SF64 because they had nonstop on-rails action. The only game that has since been able to simulate that action was some parts of SF:Assault.

  6. Oh but I should add that many speculate that the inclusion of the Blue Falcon in Mario Kart Wii may lead to an announcement about the series.

  7. Oh I remember this, the site I found it on is gone now. I even had a Translator for it!
    it was fun but very short.

    I don’t think I’m aloud to provide a Download link though…

  8. @ bobdotexe

    You can provide a link to the patch to fix the game into a final release.

  9. As much as I love what waverace became, originally waverace was going to be racing futuristic transforming speed boats down canals, and it looked awesome. I missed that.

    Also that 3D final fantasy for the n64 looked totally radical (at the time). I missed that.

    Also there was a cancelled 3D beat ’em up for the SNES ala Virtua Fighter that was canned. I really missed that.

    Also like Tylor said, Earthbound, and actually the 3D maker thing (like Mario paint but in 3D and able to take video feeds) for the 64DD looked awesome. And btw, the 64DD could have been awesome had anyone bothered. It was gonna give us user generated content about 11-12 years early.

  10. I think I found the patch:

    someone on youtube may have the rom,

  11. @tylor: Yeah – MOTHER3 was originally being released for the N64.

    I’m pretty sure they were almost done or at least very close when it got cancelled. Luckily many, many years later the project was re-opened and reworked for the GBA – something that I might have been upset about initially but seeing the final product it was obviously the best move they could have made. 🙂


  12. About F-Zero being dumped… I really hope that’s not the case, this article, although its from last year, gives me some hope:
    Now, related to Starfox 2, I’m glad they remade it into Starfox 64, though I was liking that real time travel in the video very much.

  13. @ Nathan:

    I know about that! That Kirby game was axed, then they planned a release for the Wii, but it never happened.

    As for F-Zero…

    (Lite locks himself in a room, and begins to sob and slowly bang his head against the walls, and pausing to return to his computer)

    As for Star Fox…

    (Lite resumes banging his head against the wall, pausing to submit his comment)

  14. “I believe it would of been heralded as one of the best games during the end of the consoles life.”

    The correct wording is “would have” not “would of”. I think you got “would of” from a mishearing of the contraction “would’ve”. I see this mistake a lot, it’s pretty common.

  15. I do not see how this is upsetting, it was canceled for what appears to be a better game.

    I have to say, if they want to make money on it they can release it as a special thing on VC or on WiiWare, and let people enjoy it

  16. @ kingmohd84:

    It’s upsetting because it looks good and it never came out, even though Star Fox 64 did.



  17. This was probably only cancelled because cartridge costs would have been too prohibitive for this title. It looks significantly more advanced than the original Star Fox. Hopefully the game was complete enough that it may one day be released on Virtual Console.

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