Unreleased Games: Star Fox 2 (SNES)

Every once in a while a great game series has a game announced, and somehow it ends up canceled. This generally happens once in a blue moon with a popular franchise. The reason it happens could be because of many things, company restructure, new hardware is being released, or even a contract expires. Of the many Nintendo franchises that had a game canceled, Star Fox happened to be one of those rare cancellations due to hardware being released.

As most people know Star Fox 2 was a game that was almost complete when it was canceled. The story mode was almost entirely done, and various other modes such as versus mode was being worked on. The game was canceled due to the impending release of the Nintendo 64, because of this Nintendo decided that it would be better to release the game in full 3D and gave the game an up port. Taking various elements from Star Fox 2 and putting it into Star Fox 64.

Just like the original game for the Super Nintendo, Star Fox 2 is set in the fictional Lylat system. A milky way filled with various planets and asteroid fields. The goal of Star Fox 2 is to protect Corneria from the evil hands of Andross. With Andross still bitter over his loss to the Star Fox team in the previous installment; he has taken the time to prepare an armada to take Corneria by force. He even hired a team of mercenaries to take out Star Fox and his group, Star Wolf, this is starting to sound very familiar already is it not?


However, the one great change to the game was removed from the series until the release of Star Fox Command for the DS. Star Fox 2 was the first game in the series to feature a strategic real time map. You were also able to fly all over the Lylat system and choose which planets you wanted to go to, instead of being stuck on restricted by routes. Since everything was happening in real time, you really had to plan out when you would try to liberate a planet or destroy a starship. You had to make sure that there was no missile or group of enemies near Corneria. This was to make sure that Corneria was safe from any threat that could damage it while you were busy with your mission. The second change to note was that the Arwings could transform into a bipedal tank that resembled something out of Star Wars.

If you are looking to play Star Fox 2, it is still possible thanks to the efforts of ROM dumpers and various coders. Most cartridge based games that were incomplete are still accessible due to beta cartridges slipping through the companies hands into the hands of ROM dumpers and fans. Just like Earthbound for the NES, Star Fox 2 ended up being translated and patched to an almost complete game, which is almost fully playable and enjoyable.

With that I leave you with a video of game play for Star Fox 2. If the game was released, I believe it would have been heralded as one of the best games during the end of the consoles life.

There are many canceled games out there that never will see the light of day, out of all of them is there any you wish would of actually been released?

Original video replaced due to the owner disabling embedding.

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