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Play on Wii: Metroid Prime Brief Hands on Impression

[youtube][/youtube] Recently Wired Blog got the chance to take a shot at the “Play On Wii” version of Metroid Prime, and they have noticed a few changes. Changes that would be considered improvements by some, and most of these enhancements were implemented in Metroid Prime 3. You can view a summary of all of the changes after the jump.

First look at Play on Wii Metroid Prime

[youtube][/youtube] [Warning very German and Japanese]

Japan: Mario Tennis (?!) tops sales list

For all my Nintendo love I seriously did not think these remade GameCube “Play on Wii” games would have much appeal (Pikmin, Mario Tennis). Same price as Wii games?! Minor changes? Dated games? Couldn’t possibly… But against all rhyme or reason it’s worked. In Japan, at least, my critical Play On Wii thoughts would be dead wrong. I guess with the success of the Virtua...