Japan: Mario Tennis (?!) tops sales list

For all my Nintendo love I seriously did not think these remade GameCube “Play on Wii” games would have much appeal (Pikmin, Mario Tennis). Same price as Wii games?! Minor changes? Dated games? Couldn’t possibly…

But against all rhyme or reason it’s worked. In Japan, at least, my critical Play On Wii thoughts would be dead wrong.

I guess with the success of the Virtual Console I should have known better. As an aside, normally I’d complain again about the price point of these titles here, again, and ask Nintendo to reduce them to $40 or $30 and do us all a favor. But Mario Tennis sits at #1 right now. They’re not going to change a thing because people are buying it. This is crazy. Profitable, but crazy.

Update: Got the pricing info incorrectly from a U.K.-based story earlier this year. Updated and removed with a slash.