Penny Arcade

Has it really been a Year already? Mario Marathon 2 is Coming!!

It seems the guys who pulled off the really successful Mario Marathon for Child’s Play are at it again! They plan to play through all the US released Super Mario games again, from start to finish, no skipping around. That means over 500 different levels, lots of mushrooms, and lots of stars. All starting on July 10th and will be lasting days. They will be giving out prizes in the form of a r...

Nintendo haters? It’s time to fess up, shut up, or grow up

It’s pretty crazy to think about it, but E3, with all its Wii Music-induced Nintendo-is-the-end-of-gaming paranoia, was about two months ago now. And, as predicted, the cacophony of rhetoric and vocal minority-driven criticism has subsided, only to be replaced with cold, hard facts. Facts like Wario Land: Shake It and Mega Man 9, which will no doubt revolutionize and modernize 2-D platform g...

PAX 2010 in Boston

Tycho & Gabe from Penny Arcade told Joystiq that they’re bringing PAX to Boston in 2010.  David, Jack, and other Infendo staff members just collectively fainted. [pic from Joystiq cuz it’s just so good]