Nintendo haters? It’s time to fess up, shut up, or grow up


It’s pretty crazy to think about it, but E3, with all its Wii Music-induced Nintendo-is-the-end-of-gaming paranoia, was about two months ago now. And, as predicted, the cacophony of rhetoric and vocal minority-driven criticism has subsided, only to be replaced with cold, hard facts.

Facts like Wario Land: Shake It and Mega Man 9, which will no doubt revolutionize and modernize 2-D platform gaming when they launch this fall. Or the fact that Disaster: Day of Crisis—perpetually delayed, canceled, and then revived for a rumored October release (in Europe)—is actually alive and ready for release, thank you very much. And then there’s The Conduit, now on the cusp of being published and heralded by respected tech blog ars technica as an impressive feather in Wii’s cap.

Hell, even Sadness, like the drunk uncle that shows up at Easter and Christmas, made an appearance in August with admittedly suspect “game play” footage. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the next great vaporware title (behind Duke Nukem Forever, of course), but at least it was something.

The bigger picture in all this (and my point), bigger in fact than whatever “negativity” arose from Nintendo’s kooky E3 keynote, is that each of these titles is pretty mature. They’re also all pretty exclusive, and none of them are technically Nintendo first party IP. Again, I renew my criticism to those who incorrectly belittled Nintendo for treating E3 as the clown-driven, yesterday’s news circus that it was. What’s the deal? It’s time to fess up, grow up, or shut up. Personally, I’d prefer a mashup of all three.

First stage? Fess up. Why the angst? Why the cries of abandonment when the platter is so full–and looking even more full as we prepare to enter the holiday season and beyond? Forgive me for being so logical (aced it in college, sorry), but I fail to see the life benefit of complaining about a title like Wii Music, especially when Pokemon, a title more geared towards children than anything, is far larger, more far reaching and (I quote the hardcore here) “threatening” to the video game way of life than some harmless music simulator. Why the wasted effort? From the belly-aching that pretty much gripped July and August, one would have thought Nintendo, Gestapo style, was marching through the streets of the U.S., breaking down doors and forcing consumers to plop down $50 to play Miyamoto’s take on rhythm games. I have yet to see the news reports of Nintendo employees, jack boots and all, breaking anything but sales records. Maybe I missed them.

Is it because it’s cool? Are the forum lurkers, with their gift of putting together a carefully crafted and substance-free sentence that happens to include the word Nintendo, so inspirational that you cannot resist taking the easy route to the hate wagon?

Again, I only ask such questions after carefully surveying the long-term landscape. There’s 1:1 motion control on the horizon on only one system; there’s relatively inexpensive touch-based portable gaming only only one system; and the games above—all exclusives—are only available on one system. That these systems also include a brain dead music sim in Wii Music, or a game that trains your brain with number puzzles and IQ tests, is largely irrelevant to the overall success of those very systems, just as it is with any other medium (like movies, for example). Need proof? Did Hannah Montana prevent you from seeing the Dark Knight this summer? Does the fact that there’s a Bratz movie vying for marquee space during the warmer months mean Hell Boy 2 failed the hardcore test? Comedian Ricky Gervais is making a corny ghost flick, set to release later this month–does that mean the original Office spontaneously became a suck-fest? Of course not, and yet these kind of illogical arguments and belly-aching pervade the video game discussion like a plague.

What’s also ignored, either by choice or by ignorance, is the fact (again with the word fact…) that the past year and a half has seen Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 (a genre-defining FPS, on the Wii?! Really?!), Super Mario Strikers, Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.

Again, I think the vocal minority, with its insatiable multi-games-per-month mentality (which is entirely their right), has hijacked the conversation. A game that continually posts a top 10 finish month-over-month across the entire frickin’ globe (Mario Kart DS, a-hem), is deemed irrelevant. How sad. And how sad that one little non-game, like Wii Music, can so easily distract a group of people from all the fun games that have hit Nintendo systems over the past two years. And, in doing so, it’s effectively overshadowed what’s set to arrive in the next six months. At least in the hardcore forums, anyway. The rest of the world has snatched up Wii’s and DS’s in record numbers throughout 2007 and 2008 in spite of this apparent outcry against Nintendo’s current strategy.

Lastly, part of fessing up is being brutally honest about yourself. Do you want only epic, realistic, uncanny valley failing games with 40-hour play times and one-player adventures? Then stop expecting them from Nintendo en masse. You’ll get them occasionally, like with Disaster should it be as real as its appeared to be this week, but you’ll no longer get a 12-month stream of identical games as you’ve had on other systems in the past. Variety? Yes, please.

So the next step is just to shut up. Rude? Sure, but have you read some of the comments here on Infendo and abroad lately? When people aren’t being plain offensive, they’re being offensively obtuse; ignoring, as I’ve stated above, readily available facts (addressed, above) and trends about not just Nintendo, but the industry as a whole. Wii MotionPlus should have been available since the beginning just because people say so; in doing so, they are willfully ignoring the fact that by delaying MotionPlus on purpose, as they claim it did, Nintendo would have been voluntarily pissing away development dollars and potential mega-hits. Who needs to criticize clueless analysts like Michael Pachter when the ignorant masses can do just as good a job for free?

That leads to the next point… I think a lot of what’s going on today has everything to do with some of the other players in the industry. When your marketing arm is able to so deftly and successfully give a small, “core” group of video game players a label that sticks and personifies them so adequately, and on a medium–the Internet–where it’s so easy for even the dumbest of denizens to post their thoughts, they’ll more than gladly do a majority of your work for you. It helps when they already have 24/7 access to the Internet and a knack for Internet memes. In this light, consoles are no longer venues for playing all types of games, they are suddenly isolated silos of coolness, ready to play your mature games and serve as launching pads for close-minded, old world assaults on the Brain Ages of the world. If you didn’t know Sudoku was an imminent threat to the safety of Halo 3, you will after a trip to any “hardcore” video game blog.

Personally, I’d rather be challenged. I’d rather find out if a game is fun by playing it, and base my criticism off that. Was the Wii Music demo laughable? Sure it was. Watching it made many people, rightfully, uncomfortable. But so did Wii Sports when we all saw Reggie and company bowling like idiots at E3 2006. But it’s easier to forget that and join in the chorus, I suppose. It’s cooler. But it’s not challenging. It’s predictable. If Wi Music wants to be a mind-numbingly easy music “toy” as Miyamoto describes it, then that’s how I’ll evaluate it. I’m not going to go in, as so many have done so already, wanting it to be a Guitar Hero music rhythm game, and then cry about how disappointed I am afterward.

That leaves the last point to this, the latest Jack Nintendo tirade. I’ll keep it succinct, given the hour and the pile of 12 fun Wii games I have at my disposal right now (and 20+ DS, too): grow up. Too many people think video games are about them these days; that their limited boy’s toys world view is what’s going to drive gaming to new heights and lead to head-spinning new levels of innovation and fun. It’s not, and that’s an incredibly good thing. 2-D platformers are enjoyed by all ages and sexes to this day. Music rhythm games have been responsible for more 20- to 30-something age parties over the past year than I can count. My parents both play the Nintendo DS I got them last Christmas. My Abercrombie-influenced sister is mature and secure enough to get down with Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution. I started playing video games again after the dark days of the GameCube in 2006, and I haven’t looked back since. Ignoring these facts or pretending that they’re not cool enough to welcome into the fold, or that they somehow mean you’re not going to have any more fun on a Nintendo system isn’t going to affect one iota of the industry. What it will do is ensure that you’re probably in front of a computer screen, ranting against the man, when you could be enjoying a solid, growing, and diverse catalogue of Nintendo titles.

The average age of gamers today hovers around late 20’s all the way up to 35. It’s time to start acting like it.

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  1. Haters make the world go around, they can never be stopped. I guess I was one of those “haters” before E3, but ironically, after E3, I regained much more of my lost support for Nintendo… Who would’ve thunk it?

    Anyways, I still applaud you for taking the time to write such a lengthy article. Which was very well done, I might add. Now well I don’t think those 2D platformers will “revolutionize” 2D gaming, I still see your point — that the Wii has good games. Lots of them. In fact, 3rd Party support is at its highest. Quite a while ago, I believe it was you Jack who wrote an article about how third party support started out small, but give-or-take a few years and it would be much larger for the Wii. It looks like you were right after all, huh?

    I’d also like to add that haters don’t do it “to be cool.” The idea that hating on something being a fad is completely illogical (aced that in college), because haters aren’t doing it to be cool, they are doing for another reason. You see, deep down inside, they love the company. It’s all about the love-hate relationship and tough love, you know? Haters may sound like whiny little turds on the outside, but on the inside, they have more passion and support than even the most devoted Nintendo fanatic.

    And lastly…

    “When people aren’t being plain offensive, they’re being offensively obtuse; ignoring, as I’ve stated above, readily available facts (addressed, above) and trends about not just Nintendo, but the industry as a whole.”

    GameFAQs, is that you?

  2. The twenty to thirsty five year olds are not the ones complaining like spoiled little brats. for the most part, it’s the kids who started playing Video games when the ps1/2 came out. people are taking this hobby way to serious. Yeah I said it, “gaming” is noting more than a hobby! “casual gamers” are not a sign of the apocalypse.

  3. I think many core fans were buying into the “Nintendo is abanding the core gamer” being trumpeted on the internet. Now that time has passed and more games are announced, this isn’t a big issue. Nintendo made plenty of core Wii titles (Fire Emblem, Metroid, Zelda, Battalion Wars 2, Mario Galaxy etc.) It was third parties that dropped the ball. A new House of the Dead, Cursed Mountain, Mega Man 9 and others will be core games. Quality third party support will make the Wii an even better system. Nintendo is doing exactly what they did with the DS; create both core and pick up and play games. That’s the type of system I want to own.

  4. Jack, for your sake, I hope you aren’t this antagonistic in real life. Every article I see lately with your name in front of it edges closer to “greater internet fuckwad theory” territory than the one before. You have some good points, but no one is a bad person, needs to shut up or grow up because they want more games made for their demographic. I like my Wii, and I like some of the upcoming titles, but the lineup feels sparse, and if I were more of a hardcore gamer, I probably would be feeling somewhat abandoned. And I hardly feel like DDR and its many clones have driven the medium to new heights; driven it in a new direction, yes, but it hardly elevated it as an art form. Not that Halo or Final Fantasy are exactly the pinnacle of artistic expression either, but there are games that hold broad appeal and push things onward and upward, and to be blunt, I’m not seeing as many prospects for those games coming from Nintendo in the future as I used to. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but if I was more vested in games as my entertainment, I’d be a little disheartened.

    Also, the reaction to WiiSports was nothing like WiiMusic. I saw far, far more people talking about cool it would be than how uncomfortably awkward it looked to play.

  5. One thing truly present on the Wii and DS is variety, which I have truly come to appreciate.

    My PS2 collections spans only 56 games, with the majority of those being sequels(3 Prince of Persias, 4 Ratchets, 3 Slys, 4 Jaks, 6 DDR, etc.)

    My Wii collections spans 30 games and my DS collection is about 60 games strong, the majority of which are third party games.

  6. It is a pretty dull-looking holiday season so far, though. de Blob and Sam and Max are all I’m looking forward to now that Wii Music is no longer a game, and then three out of the five titles you mentioned in the article have that sparkly sheen of “2009” on them, if indeed they have release dates at all.

    Nintendo will be successful, don’t get me wrong, and I’m glad to see more out-of-the-box games and less brown and grey “hardcore” pap. I’m just not all that excited right now for anything with an announced release date later than September.

  7. Jack, with all due respect, your logic continually falls in the first few paragraphs. People complaining about Nintendo abandoning them aren’t inherently wrong when third parties publish “hardcore” games that cater to said people. The fact remains that Nintendo is still publishing pretty much the exact same games they said they were going to at E3. The only difference I’m aware of that satisfies the conditions of “hardcore” AND Nintendo published is D:DoC.

    Nintendo still treated E3 exactly the way they did. No amount of announcements now will make up for that – especially when they’re third party announcements.

    Yes, Nin released important titles in Mario Galaxy and MP3 that catered to “core” or “mature” gamers. But, then, that’s kindof the point of saying Nin is abandoning that base. You obviously can’t abandon it if you never supported it in the first place.

    Maybe you somehow corrected your logic later in the article, but after reading your articles through and seeing them just continue to digress. I applaud your passion and your ability to write, but you continue to come off as self-important, inherently flawed logically and… well maybe it’s just me, but I don’t hear people complaining about the Wii not getting mature titles. I see people applauding MadWorld while other people rag on Nintendo for releasing Animal Crossing that’s pretty damn similar to the GC version (as I hear as I haven’t really followed the series) and announcing WiiMusic which sounds like a glorified (or debased depending how you view it) MIDI machine. I don’t see people ragging Nintendo so much for what they *don’t* release, but rather for what they do.

  8. “I don’t see people ragging Nintendo so much for what they *don’t* release, but rather for what they do.”

    Spot on. I couldn’t have put it more succinctly or accurately myself.

  9. Yeah…this post seems way too antagonistic to be taken seriously. You seem so defensive and basically ignored the negatives (come on…Nintendo’s not perfect). Or, as it’s known in the intertubes, “flamebait.” I understand the need to stimulate discussion through addressing hot topics, but I just can’t get over the fact that you seem to want to stir the pot more than anything else.

    I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed with Nintendo’s fall Wii line up. Some of those third party games you mentioned do seem interesting, but I can’t shake the feeling that most of them aren’t going to meet expectation. On the other hand, if they do well this could prove to be a big breakthrough for third parties on the Wii.

    Nintendo is in such a good position right now, but they have to keep it coming. Whether or not they’ll come through (this fall and into 09) remains to be seen.

    PS “Wario Land: Shake It and Mega Man 9, which will no doubt revolutionize and modernize 2-D platform gaming when they launch this fall.” Seriously? They’re both probably going to be good, but come on. They’ll both probably get metascores around 80/100 and go down in history as fun 2D platform games. But there’s no way they’re going to be the new Super Mario World…

  10. I agree with CB jones

    the ignorant little brats grew on a time which graphic violence or shooting made a game. Thats their defenition of “good gaming” they dont know any better, but they sure are loud. They are the ones making all the buzz for the most part.

  11. “Facts like Wario Land: Shake It and Mega Man 9, which will no doubt revolutionize and modernize 2-D platform gaming when they launch this fall.”

    Come on now, Jack. Mega Man 9?
    Even thought I have no interest in the game, as the gameplay looks incredibly boring, even I can admit that if ANY game will revolutionize 2D platformers, it’ll be LittleBIGplanet.

    “Again, I think the vocal minority, with its insatiable multi-games-per-month mentality (which is entirely their right), has hijacked the conversation”

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not joining their camp, but even I’m pissed at Nintendo. There’s really nothing worth buying this fall from Nintendo for us Americans, at least, except Wario Land…and honestly, I expect that beat that game in less than 12 hours. I mean, come on. Don’t give me that ‘multiple games a month’ crap and tell me to be happy with a game that I’ll probably beat in a week, tops.
    I don’t care about multiple games per month, but give us SOMETHING else, for christsakes! Because God knows third parties have utterly failed to step up to the plate in 2008…AGAIN. Even trusty ol’ Capcom is bringing us buckets of fail with Dead Rising.
    And as far as the games that have his the system over the past two years…I already beat ’em! I guess I could go for 242 stars in Galaxy…but I really don’t feel like it. I’d rather have something new.

    A lot of us just want to see something that is TRULY AAA and on par with any of Nintendo’s efforts from third parties. Can you or anyone else HONESTLY say a game like that is coming? I, sadly, cannot.

    “Do you want only

    “realistic, uncanny valley failing games”

    “with 40-hour play times and one-player adventures?”
    -yes. Give me my fucking Okami sequel!

    “Then stop expecting them from Nintendo en masse.”

    I don’t expect them from Nintendo en masse. But who in the bloody freakin’ hell SHOULD I expect them from? Third parties? HA HA HA! It IS to laugh!

    I think what you aren’t understanding, Jack, is that it’s NOT unreasonable for a lot of us to be upset that we aren’t getting the kind of games we’re interested in on the Wii.
    I’m looking forward to Wario Land and MM9 for the rest of the year. I’m NOT going to buy a game that I won’t like, even if it’s considered good. If it doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t appeal to me. Am I now obligated to like EVERYTHING that comes out? What you’re saying is I should take what I can get and LIKE it because that’s what there is.
    Unless, by some miracle act of God, Sonic Unleashed is great, there is NOTHING on the Wii for me to look forward to after this month. I don’t expect a new Zelda or Mario or even Okami or whatever game every month…but I DON’T think it’s too much to ask for SOMETHING that fits my tastes to pop up once every 4 months!

  12. @Gunder and Richter

    Did we read the same article?

    Jack is addressing the *very* vocal minority which seems to be standing on the street corner of The Video Game Industry, mumbling incoherently about how THE END IS NIGH, pointing to Wii Fit, Wii Music and other Nintendo published non-immersive games.

    You know the type.

    It’s one thing to disagree on matters of opinion, but to say Nintendo is making games just to pander to their new audience is outright laughable. A year from now (maybe even less), you’ll have forgotten all about this ‘abandonment’ and you’ll be playing new Nintendo games.

    And yeah, no one’s a terrible dude because they want more of what they like (well, usually anyway) but it’s a whole other matter when they start spouting the bullshit some people seem to be eating up. They do need to grow up. Admit their behaviour is childish. Criticising Nintendo is one thing (and boy, I’ve got my fair share of beef with ’em) but outright bashing is another.

    Seems to me, you guys just somehow took Jack’s article a little personal. Wii Music worrying you much?

  13. Man, to the haters posting. Nintendo just doesn’t make halos and they don’t make DVD players or blu ray players. Hell even MS doesn’t make halo that was actualy suppose to be a mac game.

    Being mad at nintendo because they choose to release some thing for other gamers is just plain wrong. If you are a hardcore gamer then you should be pleased because you got at least one game that would have taken 3 years for nintendo to come out with early. Yet most people that complain say they still don’t have any games.

    To those sad few I’m sorry and maybe nintendo did abandon you but they did not even know you existed. Never before have I seen so many nintendo fans not like the core nintendo games? All bases where covered in the last two years.

    Another thing is why be mad at nintendo when you obviously do not like their games? That’s like me being mad at SONY for another boring ass GT or some damn CG of god of war. Those guys are not even on my radar. Hey but I’m not the person posting on a SONY site am I?

    I mean don’t you guys have a SONY or MS fanboy to fight with?
    I the last week lots of new IPs have popped up on the Wii. Jaleco of all people has guys from FF series working with them. Tecmo is maybe going to be under square and rygar is still coming out! Conduit is even more promising. Wii music is actually interesting to some people. Code masters show off a game that’s almost complete. Lots of adventure platformers are coming. Sky crawlers is about to be complete. Fragile is looking good.

    Jack I would say let them hate just keep us up to date no what is coming out. If IGN or some other new site doesn’t want to do their job then I don’t have a problem coming here.

    I mean really the biggest games I know about on the HD consoles are gears of war 2 and little big planet and I stop looking a while ago because that’s lame to me.

    I mean I’m getting my adventure game fix with a great FPS, some RPG games, shumups are coming out and the high light is the fact that new games are being announced almost weekly now. Retro gaming is about to get sequels that are retro. The Wii is a hardcore gamers choice 4 real.

    The truth is gaming sucks this X-mas across the board. I’m not seeing any thing really big coming out of the other systems and even after the holidays. Yet I’m hyped about a better Wii mote and a FPS and all the announced games finally coming out that spring. I mean if your not then maybe you should move on to some thing else because nintendo does not take request people nor can you tell them what to do.

    I mean you will not get gamers to hate nintendo for making money other wise MS is not suppose to be in this game at all.

    I’m still surprised that they are second even with all the MS have over the years. It just shows how small of an effect internet hate has on the real world.

  14. jack, i love your passion, i agree with you always. but you get so excited sometimes. Dont want to say that its good or bad, but you could have reposted old articles by yourself and others that are along the same line and saved yourself time.

    Not like anything is going to change some people. Nintendos a company some people love to hate. It fills a hole in their lives. I dont like it either, and i continually try to educate others myself, but aside from a few trolls on this site, your preaching to the choir.

  15. Wow… step too far I think Jack. An odd mix of passion and aggression there! Entertaining, but scary 😉

    The article suggested (though I’m sure this is not your thinking) that you’re either on one side of the camp or the other. Truth is, there exist a number of people that are somewhere in the middle; they’re not SO angry or upset at Nintendo, just a tad disappointed. It just so happens the ones that are passionate for Nintendo (like yourself) or against Nintendo are the ones that are likely to post in a forum or update their blogs which I think somewhat skews the perception.

    Even looking at the comments above, some of the people just want more of a certain type of game. There’s no hate there and I certainly wouldn’t tell them to “fess up, shut up or grow up”. Maybe the article wasn’t targeting them and more specifically was aimed at the more ignorant Nintendo-haters? If so, might I suggest you point your passion and aggression elsewhere and not give them the attention they so desire! 🙂

  16. i am one of he people who hate’s nintendo “casual” strategy…
    I don’t mind them releasing these simplistic types of games, because I for one won’t buy them, and if there are people who will , then sure nintendo profit as much as you can.

    What bothers me is that this idea that was created about “MOTION GAMEPLAY” and gameplay is more important than HD graphics which raised my hopes to find something new and inventive.

    2 years later, all games of nintendo can do with out the motion control, as a matter of fact in a lot of them it felt it was an actual chore to add in motion control just because the wii has it. I think the only game that you need motion control for is boom blox, as for wii sport, its just like they say “LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO!” but then , they don’t do anything with it.

    2 years later, 98% of games are childish simple stuff for the wii, and like 2% for what is considered real videogames, and hardly motion is used. This what bothers me, lack of what they call “hardcore” games. Sure there are like 7 games for wii that is considered “hardcore” and good to buy, but compare that to ps3 or 360 library and you will know what kind of console the wii is.

    Lets face it, on what level does wii compete this generation? Disk space, it is blown by ps3 and 360 easily. Graphics its the weaker of all systems, i even heard its weaker than original xbox. Online? 360 tops that and even so, most games are no online for the wii. Exclusives? Same mario, zelda, metroid, and others did not give nintendo any advantage during the N64 and gamecube era. 3rd party support? I think this is what every one is crying about in the wii world. So its only motion control on its advantage, yet they are not building on it!

    The only thing I like about the wii “casual strategy” is that it makes a door that there is a life outside of triple A games, other wise I think everyone in the world will be making FPS gunning and killing weird creatures, and that is it for videogaming, nintendo keeps a door open for options and possibilities.

    1 thing that doesn’t bother me is, wii music. i do not know why all of you upset, there are similar games for the wii that equal the number of sand grains in the world, i was expect a stupid simple game like that, and if you don’t like it dont buy it. Yet I think its great for kiddies and to make a sound while moving your hand is really exciting for them.

  17. I think the title of the article is misleading. I would recommend the following:

    “Dr. Waggle-Love or How I Learned to Disregard Objective Journalism and Love WiiMusic.”

  18. I think what most people are missing is that Nintendo explicitly detailed their mission statement with Wii.

    I don’t recall them saying that they were catering to the hardcore before the launch of the Wii. I recall them stating that they were vying for the audience left OUT of the norm (the PS/XBOX crowd that pretty much only wanted sandbox action or FPS). Don’t you all remember the commercials for the launch? kids, parents, grandparents, some teens (but not the “coool” ones who were Halo-ing it up, online cursing profanities they wouldn’t dare say directly to anyone’s face).

    So now the core gamers have been “misled” into getting a Wii and demanding that Nintendo alter their mission. Nintendo understood that the appeal for the unique technology had leaked to the “core” (God I hate that term, because since I was a gamer since 82, I feel I am more “core” than the 16 year old FPS addict) so they agreed that to further drive the installation base, they needed to get more mature games. I don’t think MP3 was made to appease the “core” but rather give something familiar (Metroid) in a current genre (FPS) but tweak it to garner a wider acceptance and audience (the old school gamers who aren’t that used to using every damn finger to control 2 analog sticks, a digital pad, 4 shoulder buttons, 4 standard buttons, and oh, I forgot, the analog stick buttons in a game…. or the future “core” gamers.)

    Please again don’t forget the mission statement. Wii was made for people to pick up and put down. I for one don’t have the time to sit down and play a game for 12 hours straight to beat it in one weekend. If so, I would be like most of the critics in saying that they aren’t releasing AAA games fast enough. But Wii was made for me and my family. Not for those that come home and game from sun up to sun down.

    I still haven’t fully completed/beaten Zack and Wiki, MP3, Smash Bros (at 96%), Strikers, SMG, etc… Even Wii Fit got some great use from my kid, wife and I but we haven’t had the time lately to go back and get the minutes required to unlock everything. Thats the beauty. You get your money’s worth if you know how to balance life and gaming.

    So I guess being the target audience of the Wii, I can’t see where the hate is coming from. Do I want an epic game? Sure I do. FF7 took up a lot of my late teens. But do I have the time now to appreciate it as much as I did as a teen with not a lot of responsibility? Probably not.

    Again, looking at the mission of Wii, does Megaman 9 look like it will revolutionize 2d gaming? Hell no. But, will it usher a generation of gamers that can take the baby steps adult gamers did into gaming? I hope so. My 3 year old is playing DS, NES, and SOME WII games because I don’t see the purpose of him getting into all these glitzy games. even the damn kids games on next-gen systems are impossible for kids. Mario Bros is still just as hard to a 3 year old as it was for me when I first played on a D-pad with 2 buttons.

    Well, I’m digressing so I’ll stop here

  19. The best antidote for echochamber naysayers is to list games. Here are 8 upcoming 2008 Wii games (excluding existing games and downloads) I’m excited for:

    Force Unleashed
    De Blob
    Deadly Creatures
    Skate It
    Guitar Hero World Tour
    Call of Duty 5
    Wario Land: Shake It

    It’s no 2007 release list, but it’s more than enough for me, who has a wife, two kids, and full-time job.

    I’m happy with my Wii. I don’t feel abandoned by Nintendo (though I would like to see them allocate a few more resources to first-party adventure games), and Wii Music is one of the most boring things I’ve ever “played.” The last point doesn’t negate the first, however (do you feel abandoned that Nintendo released the Virtual Boy?)

  20. Oh, and FaceBreaker on Wii, better than either the 360 or PS3 in my mind.

  21. @Annoyed
    Personal, no. Hell, I barely have time to play my Wii anymore. I have a backlog of games I want to play – RE4, MP3, Okami, finish Boom Blox get the last couple stars on Mario Galaxy, etc. I’m happy with these games, and I’m expecting to be happy with third party releases this Fall.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t read more than a couple paragraphs because it read exactly like the last half dozen articles he’s posted and well, when someone gloats about acing logic class and is so blatantly illogical… well, it rubs me wrong and I don’t feel like devoting the time to finish off the article.

    In any case, if they’re such a small vocal minority, I donno, leave em alone.

  22. That last comment from Blake two comments up (more or less) is what changes perspectives as to what is released on Wii: If you’re married, have a family and a job, game time is basically not there and you’re going to have a LOT of games to catch up to.

    If you’re 14-20 and don’t have a job you have a shot at gaming for over 4 hours a day and, eventually, you’ll run out of games if you only play certain types (FPS, RPGs) on Wii.

    To them, Wii ware and VC should be an option…

  23. “if they’re such a small vocal minority, I donno, leave em alone.”

    Well said, Gunder. Let’s get back to covering games!

  24. Jack, no offense, but you’re pretty much as bad as those you continue to rail against.

    If this is such a small minority making a fuss, why do you continue to write these long articles about it, which by the way I agree with the sentiments that you’ve basically been writing the same article over and over. You’ve become as illogical as the so-called “haters”, and your articles continue to get more and more swarmy. You come across just as fanboy as they do, not to mention your articles become more and more condescending.

    It’s your time and your site, so knock yourself out, but realize you’re doing very little to actually to stir up real debate and discussion. You’re merely trying to yell louder than the other side, and in the process the ones that already agree with you will sing your praises, and the rest of us will wonder why something so “insignificant” will continue you get your panties in such a big wad.

  25. …if your going to use art or a comic from another site, particularly one as well known as Penny Arcade, you really should credit/reference it at least.

  26. Good point, Res. This was intended to be a kind of period, anyway. Time to focus on Fall games and 2009. It’s going to be busy, for all systems.

  27. I admit I have been hating a bit on the wii. But during that conference, why not show off other games besides these casual titles. Wii Music is appealing to some but again I think it looks stupid, even the people on stage admitted that there is NO skill involved in playing the game, you just press buttons. That means it’s a toy, not a game, games have to have a clear goal for the player.

    Examples: Guitar Hero = game, you have to keep yourself from failing the song by playing the notes perfectly. Wii Music = toy, You press random buttons to make noise. Clue = game, you have to figure out who murdered Mr. Body. Mr. Potato Head = toy, you just put pieces on his face.

    Now the Wii Motion plus thing I did give a hard time, because it should’ve been implemented from the beginning, but they’re doing it now so there are less complaining from me, but honestly use this peripheral for more than one game Nintendo. The Wii Wheel I only use for Mario Kart, nothing else, the Zapper I did use for Link’s Crossbow Training but I don’t any more because it’s easier to play without the zapper in a meaningful way. At least give us some Zelda with 1:1 sword fights, that would be greatness, coupled with the fact that Zelda is making a change from what we know and love.

  28. EPIC LOL @ “Mega Man 9, which will no doubt revolutionize and modernize 2-D platform gaming.”

  29. Wow. What garbage.

    “Every article I see lately with your name in front of it edges closer to “greater internet fuckwad theory” territory than the one before. You have some good points, but no one is a bad person, needs to shut up or grow up because they want more games made for their demographic. I like my Wii, and I like some of the upcoming titles, but the lineup feels sparse, and if I were more of a hardcore gamer, I probably would be feeling somewhat abandoned. ”

    Exactly. Perfectly said.

    “Jack, no offense, but you’re pretty much as bad as those you continue to rail against.”

    Actually, he is worse to be honest.

    “Let’s get back to covering games!”
    Why would he want to do THAT? When he can just blather on about how wonderful Nintendo is , in his little “special world “of fanyboyism…

    “you’ve basically been writing the same article over and over.”

    “You’ve become as illogical as the so-called “haters”, and your articles continue to get more and more swarmy. You come across just as fanboy as they do, not to mention your articles become more and more condescending.”
    I am glad people here are realizing that.

    “It’s your time and your site, so knock yourself out, but realize you’re doing very little to actually to stir up real debate and discussion.”
    Well that is what FanBOYS do.

    “three out of the five titles you mentioned in the article have that sparkly sheen of “2009? on them, if indeed they have release dates at all.”
    The fact that SADNESS is mentioned, at all, as a ” point” to show off how hardcore the Wii is, is a ridiculous, pathetic Joke. And, a sign of desperation to find something to use as evidence.

    “…if your going to use art or a comic from another site, particularly one as well known as Penny Arcade, you really should credit/reference it at least.”
    I am sure penny Arcade would not want to be associated with this ridiculous, fanBOY crap article anyways…

    “You’re merely trying to yell louder than the other side, ”
    That is exactly, what a Fan BOY does. What a hypocrite ,eh ?

    Fess up?
    Grow up?
    Shut up?
    You need to take your OWN advice here, as you sound just as bad as the so called haters sound themselves. No, actually, you sound worse.

    What absolute, utter crap we have here…. EVEN for a fanBOY site like this one.

    I enjoy the articles about Nintendo GAMES.
    I enjoy the forums.
    I enjoy the articles about Nintendo.
    I know I am not alone when I find myself clicking elsewhere when I read this crap.

  30. *sigh* Is it too much to ask that this subject just get dropped? I mean really. The whole argument is something that, at it’s core, is completely subjective. Everyone has they’re own definition of “Core” games. There’s no set of guidelines that determines whether of not a game is core. Example: I consider myself a Core gamer. I’m stoked for the Wii’s line-up. I have a list of over 20 games for the Wii that I’m anticipating and would consider Core games. I don’t feel abandoned at all. I don’t feel that there is a deficiency of Core games. If Nintendo’s not making games that appeal to you right now, then OK. If you wish they would make more games than OK. But do we really need to beat this topic to death when at the end of the the day it’s all personal opinion? At the end of the day this boils down to: “Is Nintendo making games that satisfy your needs as a gamer?” Obviously everyone’s going to have different opinions. Someone who satisfied will stay satisfied, someone who unsatisfied will stay unsatisfied. Why does the topic need to be argued? Infendo is a news site. Report the news. Tell people what games are coming. Tell people which will appeal to which tastes. Let people make their own decisions about the state of Core gaming, based on their own definitions of a Core title. It’s as simple as that.

  31. cmon people let’s face it. the wii has become a toy for the masses. it’s what they wanted it to be and they succeeded.

    when a title like sports resorts is your #1 holiday release it is pretty clear that you’re not targeting the usual game market anymore.

    still, those 2 “real” games per year will be fun. (if they don’t grandma-fy them like they did to mariokart)

  32. also, to call any down to earth nintendo fan who just isn’t satisfied with what the wii delivers right now a hater is ignorant and infantile to say the least.
    wake up or shut up.

  33. Well, I am a fanboy like Jack – no, sorry – a loyalist.
    I’m even more so – I hope to create a religion after Nintendo.
    I have way more games for the Wii and DS (50+ for each, everyone really good to play).
    I go out onto the field (aka society) and further people’s interest in Nintendo. I show them the good games.
    I ask them what types of genres of games they like, and I proceed to show them an amazing title that matches their tastes.
    They’re amazed, and they end up purchasing a DS or a Wii on the spot after we finish our little chat.
    I don’t work for Nintendo – but I am a loyalist, and instead of listening to people complain and whine about hardcore titles not being on Nintendo systems, I shove that title into their face and stop them from whining.
    A large article like this just doesn’t do the trick – you’ve got to take action. The words in this article are going to fly over peoples’ heads because they’re so centered on their own beliefs. Words don’t do the trick – they want visual confirmation.
    So go do it, Jack! Help me spread the success that is Nintendo and convert everyone in the world over to Nintendo’s systems!

  34. Well done. This article needed to be written.

    I for one am tired of hearing the same drivel from the same so-called “hardcore” minority. I’ve been gaming for a great many years now, and I feel embarrassed to be in any way associated with these whiney brats.

    If the hate Nintendo so much (despite the fact that there are PLENTY of the games they say they want on Nintendo’s platforms), there are two other alternative systems they are quite free to support…

  35. @ Joltman:Can I join the Nintendo religion?
    @Ady:I agree.
    I’m looking forward to De Blob,Guitar Hero and Animal Crossing myself,and that’s just this year.

  36. Oh,you might want to censor that second picture.Kids like me read this too!

  37. i’m not even going to say anything about this… accept this guy is a blind crow on a podium