Tecmo Bowl decides fate of Super Bowl teams

NES Tecmo Super BowlMadden who? Madden what?

The real football game, as any child of the 80’s and 90’s can tell you, is Tecmo Super Bowl. So, while EA fuddles around with its fledgling Madden title to determine who’ll win this Sunday’s Super Bowl, the ArmchairGM used the classic NES football title (with ROM-updated rosters) to put the New England Patiorts and the New York Giants to the test

Ultimately, as it will also be in real life, the virtual Patriots bested the team from the Meadowlands with a 24-21 victory. It’s a victory worthy of a Walter Payton end zone high five jump if ever there was one.

Hit the link above for videos from “the game.” Canned Madden quotes are, thankfully, not included.