Okami Wii

Tokyo Game Show Okamiden DS Trailer

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Top 10 new Wii games to play before E3

Before a single Wii had been sold, gamers already knew what they had to look forward to. Even months prior to their first enthusiastic Wii remote waggle, in fact, people were drooling over games like Wii Sports, Red Steel and Twilight Princess. Essentially, that feeling of assured anticipation has remained since. Facing the unknown is something Wii enthusiasts have yet to experience, really; major...

Capcom to replace Okami box art.

Well, if you haven’t heard about the Okami box art scandal, let me get you up to speed really quick. Apparently, there is a water mark of the IGN logo on the actual box art for the game. The logo can be located on the right, next to Amaterasu’s bottom jaw. Capcom has recognized the slip up and has offered to send a replacement cover for free. You can get a new cover for your Okami box ...

Nintendo Power endorses PlayStation 2

From the 7.5 review of Okami on Wii (May 2008 issue): The controls just didn’t make the jump to Wii as well as they should have… Okami is a work of genius, but you should play the original [PS2] game instead of the Wii version if you can. There you have it.