new super mario bros.

Nintendo news round-up: Wii sells 35 million faster than any console in history, DOA DLC, and more

– Early last year, the Wii officially surpassed the NES as the best-selling Nintendo console in history. Now, according to a new press release, the Wii claims another milestone as it has sold 35 million consoles in the US faster than any other console in history. The sales figures of recent releases such as Donkey Kong Country Returns aren’t doing too shabby, either. Check out the full...

Youtube Tuesday – LMB Bros Luigi’s Day!

Mario makes sure Luigi gets the most out of his birthday! Have any suggestions or videos for YouTube Tuesday? Send them in at

E3 Exclusive!! Koopa Kids are Back!!

You heard it on Infendo first!!

How to say Reggie’s last name: “Fee-Suh-May”

Straight from the source.

"New" Super Mario Bros?

So, May 15th there’ll be a new Mario game. Back to its roots, 2D with beefed up 3D characters, straight up platforming goodness, right outta the classic formula. Everyone’s excited. Everyone else, anyway. I dunno, when i see new screens of “New Super Mario Bros.” each week, the reaction they illicit isn’t excitement. Mario’s huge with a mushroom, Mario’s s...