Nintendo news round-up: Wii sells 35 million faster than any console in history, DOA DLC, and more

– Early last year, the Wii officially surpassed the NES as the best-selling Nintendo console in history. Now, according to a new press release, the Wii claims another milestone as it has sold 35 million consoles in the US faster than any other console in history. The sales figures of recent releases such as Donkey Kong Country Returns aren’t doing too shabby, either.

Check out the full report from Nintendo:

Wii Tops 35 Million in Sales as Multiple Games Hit Major Milestones

Nintendo’s Wiiâ„¢ console has crossed the 35 million sales mark in the United States, according to the NPD Group. More than 454,000 Wii consoles sold in February to put Wii across the 35 million mark faster than any other console in U.S. history.

February proved to be a notable month for Nintendo software as well. Not only was Just Dance 2 from Ubisoft the No. 1 best-selling game of the month with more than 554,000 sold, but four Nintendo games reached new sales milestones. Donkey Kong Countryâ„¢ Returns for the Wii console, which launched in November 2010, crossed the 2 million mark in February, while New Super Mario Bros.â„¢ Wii, which launched in November 2009, just crossed the 8 million sales mark.

On the portable side, the Pokémonâ„¢ SoulSilver Version game for the Nintendo DSâ„¢ family of systems launched in March 2010 and crossed the 2 million sales mark in February, while the New Super Mario Bros. game, which launched in May 2006, just passed 9 million in sales. These milestones further demonstrate the “evergreen” nature of games that play on Nintendo systems.

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– Team Ninja will be supporting the release of Dead Or Alive: Dimensions on 3DS with daily updates. The DLC will include 28 new character outfits — and you’ll want to act fast, because one of the outfits will only be available for download on launch day. Images in link. (MTV Multiplayer)

– The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on 3DS is going to have bonus content! Or something of that nature, according to an Iwata revelation in the most recent edition of Iwata Asks. While discussing the significance of Ocarina of Time with Miyamoto, Iwata let this nugget slip:

“Well, I feel that I’ve started to understand, little by little, what makes Ocarina of Time special. Of course, the Nintendo 3DS version of Ocarina of Time is crammed with interesting things that weren’t in the Nintendo 64 version, but we’ll wait to talk about those the release.”

Could he just be referring to the recently revealed inclusion of Master Quest, or something more? If there’s a brand new dungeon or other never before seen side quests created especially for the 3DS, we’ve got big news on our hands. (Iwata Asks)

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