"New" Super Mario Bros?

So, May 15th there’ll be a new Mario game. Back to its roots, 2D with beefed up 3D characters, straight up platforming goodness, right outta the classic formula. Everyone’s excited.

Everyone else, anyway. I dunno, when i see new screens of “New Super Mario Bros.” each week, the reaction they illicit isn’t excitement. Mario’s huge with a mushroom, Mario’s swimming, Mario’s getting a fire flower, Mario’s in a blue underground dungeon….again? Fine, it’s classic, but the why hell does it look like an enhanced port of the first Super Mario Bros on NES? It seems like a cool minigame in the next real Mario game. Mario 3 looked more innovative.

NSMB doesn’t even have to be on the DS. This is exactly the type of game i was talking about in Game Buoyancy. You don’t need 2 screens or touch functions for this. It’s not a new game, and moreover it’s not a DS game. Judging by the info and screens we have up to this point, this looks like an ankle-deep, shallow relic of Mario’s past with a couple modern intricacies. Look at the cover. They slapped on “New” as an eye-catcher, as if it was a new version of an old product in a supermarket. New retro, instead of a new game with a retro feel.

Nice case, though.