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10 Classic Nintendo Games That Haven’t Been Remade, but Should Be

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t Nintendo already remake everything? Well, yes, Nintendo is notorious for releasing, re-releasing, and re-re-releasing many of their more popular titles. Take Metroid for example. Excluding its original release on the Famicom Disk System and Nintendo Entertainment System, Metroid has been

The NX Launch Games Are Perfectly Timed

We might not know too many details about Nintendo’s next console just yet, but reports of the first games that will be available indicate a few exciting titles. As of now, it sounds as if five of the games that

Ok, who didn’t tell me Mario was at the sportsball game?

For 16 days, there has been a battle of wits raging on in Rio de Janeiro between mighty men, ferocious women, and those who can jump over things real good. Wait, isn’t Mario the best jumper… Like ever? Rio Olympics

Tuesday Time Warp: Top 10 NES Games

What better place to start our new retro feature than the very system that kickstarted this wonderful journey, the Nintendo Entertainment System. For many gamers, the NES was the system that changed our lives and sucked us into a world

“A New Challenger Approaches”

Hello everyone. My name is Justin, and I’m excited to announce I am joining the Infendo team. I have written for a variety of websites in the past and I look forward to contributing to this site in any way

Why Mario needs to take a short retirement

I know Mario is extremely popular all over the world and Nintendo puts Mario on the box to sell games, but seriously with Super Mario 3D Land/World, New Super Mario Bros 2/U, Mario Kart 7/8 and Mario Tennis/Golf on this