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High Voltage says Grinder still coming…needs someone to pay for it

High Voltage software was on hand at last weeks Game Developers Conference and was showing off Conduit 2, which is scheduled for release April 19. When asked by Siliconera about the status of The Grinder, Eric Stoli had this to say: The Grinder wasn’t on display because the game is in “vertical slice status,” Eric Stoli, Level Designer, explained. Since High Voltage Software is s...

Tournament of Legends gameplay trailer brings fighters back to Wii

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3v3yeGTEyg[/youtube] Okay, a handful of versus fighters have already released for Wii. But this one, developed by High Voltage, hopes to bring the genre front and center to Wii. Published by Sega and rated teen, the game is scheduled for release this May.

Conduit Developer reveals Gladiator A.D.

In an IGN exclusive interview, High Voltage Software CEO and founder Kerry Ganofsky revealed Gladiator A.D., a fast paced, brutally violent action title designed exclusively for the Wii.

Nofsinger: Animales de la Muerte on hold

Esto no es bueno, mis amigos. Nintendo World Report is reporting High Voltage Software’s Animales de la Muerte has been put on hold. According to Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger, High Voltage cannot fit the game into Nintendo’s size limitations for WiiWare games. Nintendo does not approve games larger than 40 megabytes for inclusion onto the WiiWare service. Nofsinger gave no pla...