Nofsinger: Animales de la Muerte on hold

Esto no es bueno, mis amigos.

Nintendo World Report is reporting High Voltage Software’s Animales de la Muerte has been put on hold.

According to Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger, High Voltage cannot fit the game into Nintendo’s size limitations for WiiWare games.

Nintendo does not approve games larger than 40 megabytes for inclusion onto the WiiWare service.

Nofsinger gave no plans for a future release, but Nintendo World Report claims the game will be a retail release if it is published.

Announced in Apr. 2008 for WiiWare, Animales de la Muerte places players in a Mexican zoo where animals are mysteriously dying and returning from the dead as zombies. As Marco and Maria Mendoza, the zookeeper’s grandchildren, players are tasked with killing the zombified animals and rescuing friendly, non-affected ones.

High Voltage Software is perhaps best known by Wii owners for The Conduit, but it has also released three games for WiiWare to date’V.I.P. Casino Blackjack, Gyrostarr and High Voltage Hot Rod Show.