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Nintentunes: The anti-Nintendo edition

Video game music has come a long way from the bleeps and bloops that populated most game at the inception of the medium, and seems only right to take a look back at not only game that have appeared on

Oh, my! NES, Genesis, SNES together

Here’s an inside look at the Retron 3. Enjoy.

New Game Get is downloading now!

This week is all about the downloads. After watching some video footage of this new Nintendo title, I plan to check out PictureBook Gamesâ„¢: Pop-Up Pursuit. It looks like it might fill the Mario Party hole we’ve had for a

New Game Get goes retro and rocks out with the Pixies

This week gets some old school flavor with the retro flavored Bit Boy for WiiWare and a couple of games from classic Sega consoles. Tons of stuff for Rock Band including The Killers, Spinal Tap, and a huge selection from

Get up off the couch and start walking with New Game Get

Personal Trainer: Walking for DS, Bubble Bobble and Adventure Island for WiiWare, and much more in this week’s New Game Get.  Head on in for the full list! [UPDATE: more songs added for Rock Band 2 DLC including free GLaDOS

C.O.R.E. and Guilty Gear highlight an action-packed New Game Get

Highlights this week include portable shooter C.O.R.E. for DS, Guilty Gear for Wii, plus a whole mess of tracks for Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero … and is that a real game being released for DSiWare?  Click on in