When is Castle of Illusion coming to Wii Virtual Console?


Dear kind sirs at Sega:

When do you play on re-releasing Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse on Wii’s Virtual Console? I’d like to play it again, but I no longer own a Genesis.

Thank you,



  1. Dear Blake,

    Probably never because of the legal crap that follows around that damn mouse. Why don’t you just go download Gens or Kgen or SEGAemu or Regen or.. well, you get it.


    – The Internet.

  2. That game ruled.

  3. Even though Disneyland prices are insane…


  4. Yes!! Finally a post from Blake… The best thing ever! God bless you man!

  5. Great game. Also, where the heck is Super Mario Kart?

  6. Never played this one because I was a diehard SNES fanboy through and through. Sounds like it was a good game. I did play A Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse though and I’d love to play that game again. Mode 7 FTW!!!

  7. All of the Mickey Mouse Games for Genesis were amazing, World of Illusion: Mickey and Donald, Mickey Mania, and of course the original, Castle of Illusion.

  8. Tylor you could at least recommend him a good emulator. Kega Fusion is by far the most accurate.

    Gens would be good if the sound wasn’t so off.

  9. That game sucked compared to duck tales, duck tales even had better music. Hell I think I got the space music stage on my ipod!

  10. Remember when licensed games were awesome? This, Power Rangers, Turtles in Time, Hyperstone Heist, Super Godzilla…

    The turtles games will probably see release alongside TMNT but I don’t know about the others… : (

  11. Did anyone else get the feeling like that was alot like Kirby nightmare in dreamland??? I mean the tree just did it for me at the end.

  12. Dear Blake:

    Perhaps you should have thought of your deep sense of affection for this game when you got rid of me, no?

    Tragically Abandoned,

    Your Sega Genesis

  13. If I want to see any license games come out; the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MUST COME FIRST.

  14. I played the Game Gear version of this game and it also ruled.

  15. Yes, but sadly Blake got rid of me, too. Pity all these so-called hardcore gamers are the ones who got rid of the very consoles and handhelds that made them “hardcore” in the first place.

    I miss you, Blake.

    Your Neglected Game Gear

  16. +1 Yes. And all other different ways of agreeing with you.

    There were only a few games my friend had on his MegaDrive (sorry for name change, I’m a Brit) and this one got played to death.
    Would be nice to play it again.

  17. i too was a snes fanboy through and through, but my buddy had this title on his genesis and i can’t deny it was a beautiful and fun game all the way. i only hope they re-release this on vc as well as duck tails (awesome suggestion by the way) and all the old disney afternoon cartoon games like rescue rangers or darkwing duck as well. i’m stuck in 1991 i know 🙂

  18. I’m not even that much of a gamer – never was – but CASTLE OF ILLUSION was probably my favorite game of all time. SOMEONE needs to be able to bring it back – in the original form. Wii / PS3 – who cares. BRING IT BACK!

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