Nintentunes is here and ready to add some class to your weekend!

Another weekend brings another edition of Nintentunes. This week there is a strong helping of RPG titles in honor of Operation Rainfall. Don’t forget to drop us a comment below if you enjoy the Nintentunes series, and let us know what your favorite Nintendo music is!

Nintentunes: Independence day edition

Is there anything better than a three day weekend? How bout a three day weekend with a smidgen of Nintentunes! Join us as we celebrate America’s independence through music!

If you like things that are awesome, Nintentunes is the place to be!

Music is by far the aspect that sticks with me the longest after the console has been powered down. Before even thinking about the awesome battle that occurred at the end of the Fire Temple, I can hear the Bolero of Fire being played in tandem by Link and Sheik. Without question the most influential pieces of music, to me, have come from video games…not Lady Gaga. With that, I welcome yo...

Nintentunes: The only place to get your classic Nintendo music fix!

It’s that time again! Hope you’re ready for this weeks edition of Nintentunes, it’s a good one! Be sure to let Infendo know what you think of this weeks music, and perhaps tell us about your personal favorites!

Nintentunes, the official soundtrack of e3

Another weekend has come, which means it’s time for another edition of Nintentunes. This week brings racing, angels, and a little bit of boxing to the mix so stop on by, and don’t forget the headphones!

Nintentunes, the best part of any 3-day weekend

It’s the weekend which can only mean one thing…it’s time for Nintentunes! This feature is for anyone who could instantly recognize the world 1-1 theme of Super Mario Bros. but who may be unable to do the same with the latest and greatest from Lady Gaga. Enjoy the classic tunes! NES-Wizards & Warriors Wizards & Warriors was developed by Rare back when they were still best friends ...

Nintentunes, your one stop shop for your retro music fix!

Today we will take a journey to Nintendo past through the power of music. Most of my memories playing video games don’t involve any graphics or gameplay at all, but instead it’s the music that stays with me. I’m willing to bet the same can be said for many of you gamers as well, so I hope this music retrospective is enjoyable for you. Click on through if things that are awesome...

Holly Fellmeth: An Infendo Profile

Hey, I’m Holly. I’m the sixth in a family of nine children. I attribute my love of video games to my older siblings, with whom I played NES, SNES, and N64. I continued the legacy, playing Game Cube and Wii with my younger siblings in years to come. Family and Nintendo go hand-in-hand for me. The first Nintendo system I had all to myself was a Game Boy Color with that pretty, see-throug...

Mounted plasma on the wall, who’s the biggest fan of all?

Over the years, Nintendo fans (especially children of the 80s who were growing up right as the NES was released) have amassed quite the impressive collection of systems, games, controllers, and other peripherals. Some would call this business I’ve got going on here a veritable shrine to gaming greatness. When I got to thinking about it, I realized that I’ve never met another female wit...

Which had the better fifth year: Wii or GameCube?

The Wii is in its fifth year of life. After a strong fourth year, things have slowed a bit lately, thanks in part to the usually slow winter months. That said, how would you compare Wii’s fifth year to the GameCube’s fifth year (2006)? Although still early, I’d say it’ll end up being much better. You?

Miss the GameCube? Then you gotta listen to this week’s episode of Infendo Radio

Join Derek and I as we dissect a changing gaming landscape, asks listeners what they do with finished games, get even more down on 3DS than we already were, and tackle our biggest mailbag in the show’s history. Oh, we also state several reasons why the GameCube was waaaaay better than N64. Enjoy the show! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email tips@infendo.c...

Super Mario Sunshine: What went wrong?

Released in 2002 for GameCube, Super Mario Sunshine was by no means a bad game. But it wasn’t great either — far from the caliber of  other Mario games. Anyone who says otherwise needs to take their Mario Goggles off. (Miyamoto is capable of releasing at least one dud, right? Two if you count Wii Music.) Whatever your opinion of the game, I think it’s safe to say Sunshine is def...