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What if Darwin was to explain Pokémon?

“It’s all about the evolution of the Pokemon.” [Via Super Punch]

Things I do when I am really Bored Some say that doing Pixel Art is boring, well they’re wrong!

When I am having a rough time drawing or thinking up how to write an article or an essay I usually mess around with pixel art. No, I am not opening MS Paint or some other program to plot dot after dot, I am working on a grand scale here. I take huge colored icon squares and place them on a plain background either dark grey, or light grey, and just go to town. While this probably not the most produ...

Video Game references for An Energy Drink?

This is a very awesomely done traditional/sprite animation done by a team of awesome artists. The art was done by PersonaSama A.K.A. Jonathan Kim who did the traditional hand drawn art, and Paul Robertson for the sprite animation. This is all pretty awesome. I wish I had an energy drink that made life like a video game. [Via PersonaSama on Youtube]

Artwork mashes Mario with Monster Hunter

“Hunting Season” by DeviantArt member ~xiaobaosg depicts a world where Mario and an even more dinosaur-like Bowser (definitely Ankylosaur) must confront, well, actual dinos. (via The Daily What)

Link Puts High-School Book-Bag Into Perspective

The Autumn Society of Philadelphia art collective is hosting an 8-Bit and Video Game themed art show beginning August 7th, and artist Kim Herbst gives us a sneak peek of her entry: a lethargic Link completely baffled by how he is going to carry all of his gear through both time and space. I just want to know how you can carry a candle and a wooden-ladder in the same bag without setting your horse ...

Nintendo Spotting: Hand Crafted Samus Figure

The figure is hand crafted from scratch and sculpted in Castilene. Which was then molded in Smooth-On silicone rubber then cased in Smooth-On resin. Hand painted with Tamiya Acrylics and featuers 25 Points-of-Articulation. This is an amazing reproduction of the bounty huntress, Samus Aran, if I do say so myself. [Via Red3183 Deviant Art]