Solitary Castlevania Rebirth screenshot is enough

500x_rebirthHere’s a single screenshot from the upcoming Castlevania Rebirth WiiWare title. It’s like Konami went back in time and colored my green and gray Game Boy memories.

4 Responses to Solitary Castlevania Rebirth screenshot is enough

  1. Mohan says:

    Loved the ones on the DS, so I am waiting for this one! Day one purchase for me.

  2. Andrew G. says:

    The classic Castlevania games bring back warm and fuzzy memories: I remember a particular snowy day here in Georgia (yes, it does snow here sometimes) when it was getting late and I went inside, to find my dad slaying those damn fish people that squirt water at you. He was always so good at those games.

    So I’m definitely looking forward to Castlevania Rebirth. I think it’s going to be awesome!

  3. ResidentialEvil says:

    I love it.

  4. Mr.cranky says:

    I remember having that but i dont remember anything about it 😀 but what i DO remember, was that gameboy was awsome! Tetris on gameboy was the real verison of tetris for me. Ooh! And battery life was about 32hrs on 4 AA batteries. Timed it myself 😀 was playing mario land, tetris, dr mario and the megaman games on it

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