Sadness Finally gets a Release Date

Sadness Banner

Sadness is a game that was being developed by Nibris for the Nintendo Wii since the system launched back in 2006. The anticipation for this game was really up there for a while since it was suppose to be the first Horror game for the Wii. Then the game went under the radar with development problems hitting the fan and splitting with a company that was co-producing the game. Finally Nibris has updated their website and it is full of good news, and even set a release date for the Fall 2009.

If that wasn’t exciting enough Nibris has also announced that they will be attending Leipzig this year and plan to show more of the game. The website also happens to have a spot of a Trailer, but nothing is there yet just one of those “Coming soon (this vacation maybe)”. In anycase I just hope that this game is on it’s way to the Wii and doesn’t just end up being one of those “Duke Nukem Forever” myth games.

[Via Official Sadness Site]

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