Update: Chrono Trigger DS Confirmed

Chrono Trigger Ressurection

[Note: Picture of Guardia is from an unofficial and canceled remake of chrono trigger]

With all these Final Fantasy remakes hitting the DS the time of Chrono Trigger might be upon us. As of right now there is a rumor spreading across the internet of a possible “Remake” of Chrono Trigger in the works by square and we can only hope it is a slightly graphically improved version. The rumor surfaced with a certain picture…

Jump Magizine

This picture or scan is reportedly from Jump Magazine, and first showed up on the 2channel boards. 2channel is a japanese internet forum thought to be the largest Internet forum in the world. So rumors, fakes, and creditable information has been known to come from here from time to time.

According to the picture above the remake is set to hit Japan in December of this year, which is only a half a year away. Who knows, with E3 right around the corner we might even see an announcement for this or even maybe a little more from the Chrono series.

A website link revealed that Square Enix has put up a teaser site already for Chrono Trigger using the same clock sound from the SNES game. Everyone Rejoice, the Chrono Trigger is upon us…

[Via Chrono Trigger – Square Enix – Thanks Luigifan14]

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