Rumor: Capcom working on Mega Man 9

megamanrumor.jpgAs we make that slow crawl to E3, these news-parched weeks continue to spawn exciting rumors. Today, one of the biggest pre-E3 rumors yet comes from the Capcom camp.

According to a Destructoid source, Capcom is working on Mega Man 9.

If true, players would control the iconic “Blue Bomber” for the first time in more than a decade. The last entry in the classic Mega Man series was Mega Man 8, released in 1997 on the original Playstation and Saturn.

Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, the rumor also holds that Mega Man 9 is coming only to Xbox LIVE and PSN. But nothing has been confirmed, and I’m keeping the faith. Like Walter Sobchack once said…if you will it, dude, it is no dream.

In related news, IGN reported Wednesday Capcom has two secret projects on their roster for E3. Could Mega Man 9 be one of them?