Ruben Puig Lecegui: No Longer #1

Anybody who has played Pokemon knows that sometimes things don’t always go your way, in fact things can end pretty crappy.  Sometimes even the best Pokémon trainers have bad days.  And Pokemon Champion, Ruben Puig Lecegui, is no exception.

Ruben Puig Lecegui is actually a two time Champion.  I think his celebrity status got to him at the last UK Video  Game Championship, because his actions caused his title to be flushed away from him after he defecated in the hallway of the hotel he was staying in!  This was not an accidental Diarrhea episode caused by nerves.  Ruben and his friends left their hotel room just so they could relieve themselves in the hallway.

Diglett was not amused..

The incident caused his title to be revoked, the police were called, and he was forced to pay fines for the damage caused.  He was also, of course, kicked out of the hotel.

ThePlay! Pokémon manager said ‘The Pokémon Company International expects its players to maintain high standards of behaviour conducive to the family-friendly environment that we foster.’

We have all had crappy days, but have you ever done something horrible like this when playing your favorite pokemon game (or any game for that matter)?


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