Revolution Controller

Check out GameSpot’s feature on the 8 controller demos that were featured at the show. The possibilities are endless. I feel like I first did upon seeing the DS. It was weird at first by look how far that’s gone.

Let’s hope they take this thing even further.

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  1. The picture makes me wonder if white will be the standard color, which works fine for me because that would’ve been the one I’d go with regardless.

  2. whoa! i dont even know what to think. but dude! real space 3D?? heck yes for exploring planets in metroid.

  3. Trying to picture Smash Bros. on Revolution x_x;

  4. ah ha… i see now… the remote looking thing looks like a classic NES controller flipped sideways… just remove the attatchment… i think i see why EA sports said they weren’t with nintendo… if this doesn’t have more buttons i don’t see a lot of games for xbox and ps also being on revolution… just not as capable of a device… well… its more capable… i dunno… more info please…

  5. lol this brings so many ideas to me for future games!

    but i still cant belive it, im still in shock.

  6. Hopefully Nintendo provides information on how they plan to implement this into some games so we can get an idea of how it’ll work and not just be worried (well, at least I am.)

  7. i’m worried too… i only see two play buttons like classic nintendo… that’s not enough…

  8. I LOVE IT!

  9. i can’t imagine how any sports games will be played with this thing…

    but damn it looks sweet.
    and damn i’m getting one.

  10. any system specs revealed??

  11. i understand how it works now……………………..

    different games have different attachments

  12. i sortof dislike the look of it, but it looks confortable and somewhat user friendly. LUCKILY I am still looking forward to the “revolutionary” thingy, what ever it may be, to the Revolution GO NINNY!!!

  13. Hahahahahahahaha

    I’m sorry i have’nt read about its features, but based on the picture
    “what the family” reference from the simpsons.

  14. WOW never mind about what i said, i just saw all the views of the controller, and it looks SLEEK!!! I am looking very much forward to the finished product of the Revolution, though, i am still a bit confused about the fishing thing… but then i’m just dence that way. I’m sure it will sink in sooner, or later 😉

  15. I’m tired of people who think they know better than Nintendo… They practically made the control-setup we all use today! And they are the only ones who can change it. Without Nintendo videogames would become stale and just die away…

  16. You guys are so damn good at informing people, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  17. Ps3…. 360… their controllers imply look LAAAAZZZZYYY compared to this. If this doesn;t wake up the industry then f it, it’s done like a cooked turkey.

  18. i just read the article and looked at the pictures and read all the different kind of demos they did…AWESOME!!!! i cant wait to see this in car racing games and flying games and most of all the new super smash bros.!!! this new controller will open the door to all kinds of possibilities…if nintendo comes out with more attachments to connect to the bottom of it the possibilities could be endless…this conroller will revolutionize

  19. Everyone worried about EA: EA Sports says “they’re already integrating the new interface into Madden and MLB.”

    I can definately see the best baseball game ever come out of that thing.

    Also, about Smash Bros…. and N64 games… they’re making a “Classic Controller” attatchment.

    Iwata: “But how will existing games be played with this controller? How can I play virtual console Nintendo games using the ‘Revolution Virtual Console’ features? Some people may already be wondering about this. In order to prevent the console video from becoming overly complicated, we did not explain how we will solve this. However, by taking advantage of the controller’s expansion feature, you will be able to play the existing games, virtual console games, and multi-platform games using what we call the ‘Classic-Style Expansion Controller’. This is an expansion controller with the shape of existing controllers, into which the freehand-style controller can be inserted. So please rest assured that all your favorite games will play well on the Revolution!”

    YES! That makes this controller perfect, right there. I can see how they’re going to use the attachment feature now… everything is different.

  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NINTENDO 4ever!!!

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